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Video Game Writing Courses

Learn video game writing to develop plots, craft stories, and write dialogue. Improve your storytelling skills with online video game courses on edX.

learn video game writing

learn video game writing

Why study video game writing?

Game writing is a specialized skill. The field of gaming has expanded exponentially since its early days, now including the multiple billion-dollar mobile gaming field. A video game writer builds engaging gameplay for players that use both traditional and nontraditional storytelling.

As more games become open-ended, the narrative design requires a new set of skills. These storylines prevent boredom and encourage game players to return again and again. While there's a particular knack with storytelling, certain skills make it easier to build games that people love.

The video game industry is on the search for talent, and both indie and established game studios want great stories for their next game. Make the most of these writing jobs by gaining training in game story and writing skills.

Learn about game narratives

From main stories to side quests to open-ended gameplay, edX can provide instruction for telling the best story possible. Students can participate in courses designed by leaders in the field through a convenient online platform. Students study on their own time and complete course requirements through self-paced or guided courses.

Learners participate in courses with a global cohort and can explore many courses for free. edX also offers official credit, certifications, and in some cases, full degrees for a fee. Game developers receive vital training for building games that succeed.

Video game writing courses 

The University of British Columbia offers a professional certification series, a self-paced course series introducing the differences between traditional story arcs and game development. Students learn to work with producers, design teams, and programmers to design the type of games that people will love.

This six-course series provides training for worldbuilding, creative writing, video game design, and gameplay flow. Learners will build main characters, tell stories through cutscenes, and learn scriptwriting with the unique world of video games.

Build the next great game

Narrative designers and gamers both understand that the story can drive gameplay. From simple yet addictive concepts to complex storylines, designing a video game is more than just a simple flowchart.

Courses offered through the edX platform provide students the skills to build great games and get a job with game companies or pursue a career as independent game designers. These courses offer tutorials necessary for building a video game script that tells a great story. 

It's time to gain the knowledge necessary to become a game designer. There's a large community ready for the next big game, and through edX, students could be the next successful game builders.