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UX Design Courses

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learn ux design

learn ux design

What is UX design?

The user experience can make or break a product or service for a company. Now, UX designers create powerful UX designs to ensure that customers remain at the forefront of business to spur growth and improve customer lifetime value. It's a blend of product management and design; UX teams provide deliverables in the form of research, suggestions, overhauls, and innovations.

UX professionals test and retest the usability of products and services, providing product teams with valuable insight into the product lifecycle. The UX process is a growing field for hiring, and companies actively seek UX leaders that can build the UX strategy the company needs to deliver real value.

Learn UX design

Visual design and workflow are important parts of the UX design process, as is product design. EdX offers courses designed in partnership with leading thinkers in the field. Students can study from anywhere in the world and on a flexible schedule that considers work, family, and life obligations.

Students can take courses for personal growth for free. Official credit is also available for a fee, and students can explore professional certifications, micro-degrees, and full degree choices.

UX design courses and certifications

HEC Montreal offers a micro-master's degree in UX Design and Evaluation. This nine-course series introduces students to the fundamental concepts of UX work, building critical skills students will need to provide UX leadership for design teams. Students learn how to conduct user research, collaborate with product teams, and work with team members to deliver unforgettable customer experiences.

Students can also take single courses, such as Designing the User Experience from the University of Maryland. Students learn the basics of becoming UX designers and supporting product managers in designing critical UX research and mock-ups for product development. 

Explore a career in UX Design

Companies want to deliver maximum value to end-users and stakeholders. A great UX designer and manager can provide the guidance businesses need to innovate and keep customers engaged. Courses from provide a convenient solution for learning the ropes and put you in contact with leaders in the design field.

Whether you're looking for a career change or exploring options for professional growth, courses from edX help put you on the path to your goals. You can develop career skills or make a change in your career with a few hours a day and courses on edX.