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Technical Analysis Courses

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learn technical analysis

learn technical analysis

What is Technical Analysis?

When the finance industry looks at past market data to make predictions about future performance, this study is known as technical analysis. Technical analysts use these technical indicators to make sense of price movements, predict time frames, and try to make sense of the markets' volatility.

Chart patterns can give us clues to how certain financial products will perform. It's a type of active management designed to give advisors the information they need to make decisions for their clients, organizations, and themselves. The more correct technical analysts are about future price changes, the better we can manage wealth.

Not everyone is convinced of the power of technical analysis. In the past, data showed that those using past information to predict future closing prices, in the short term or long term, weren't much better than simply guessing. Now, we have the power of computers capable of enormous processing power, which could help us get closer to those right numbers.

Learn about Technical Analysis

Whether you're hoping to direct your own trading strategy, advising others, or interested in forecasting principles, edX has the tools you need to begin your studies. Our platform offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and experts in the field. 

You'll take courses with students from all over the world, study on your own time, and build critical charting skills for work or personal growth. Most courses are free, but students may choose official credit for a fee. 

Technical Analysis Courses and Certificates

The New York Institute of Finance offers several trading introductions, including Fundamentals of Technical Analysis. Students will understand how price chart patterns reflect behavioral finance principles and identify trading opportunities based on price action trendline analysis. 

NYIF's Quantitative Technical Analysis course changes the principles of fundamental analysis from subjective to data-driven. Students apply technical analysis to different aspects of the financial markets, looking to price patterns and understanding resistance levels. Students will make decisions for individuals based on price trends and looking at a current stock's price or past price behavior. 

You can also take a three-course certification series in Microeconomics from the University of Queensland. This option provides an overview of the principles of predicting and understanding the behavior of the markets as well as broader economic principles.

Building Technical Analysis Skills

Whether you're looking at the relative strength index of stock on the Dow or NASDAQ or curious about uptrends in the foreign markets, courses from edX can provide the skills you need to perform these technical analysis projects. You'll be able to perform common tasks like moving averages, understand Bollinger bands, and build skills in valuation the way brokerages do. 

EdX offers the chance to study stock charts and further your professional development or your career goals. When a price moves, you'll know.