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Supply Chain Management Courses

Learn supply chain management with online courses and programs from MIT's top-rated SCM program. Learn SCM fundamentals, warehousing tips, inventory control, problem solving skills, and get on a path to a new career in this exciting field.

learn supply chain management

learn supply chain management

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the end-to-end transportation management of goods and services on their path from origin to consumer. From the procurement of raw materials, inventory management, and retail delivery of finished product, SCM seeks to optimize forecasting, inventory and transportation to maximize efficiency, reduce cost, understand the flow of goods, and align supply chain networks with dem

Online Supply Chain Management Courses and Programs

Managing a global supply chain requires advanced skills in probability, business processes, product development, information systems, statistics, relationship management, management practices, and building complex models. Successful SCM requires knowledge and hands-on experience with the tools and technologies used to overcome enormous logistical challenges especially with third-party logistics. Get started with the outstanding SCM training programs on edX from MIT, UCL and other top universities around the world. The popular MicroMasters degree program in Supply Chain Management from MIT is a 6-course, advanced online supply chain management certificate program designed to prepare you for a career in this in-demand field. Obtain a graduate-level foundation in supply chain software and supply chain solutions equivalent to a full semester of coursework at MIT. Courses cover both fundamental and advanced topics in supply chain design, customer demand, project management, analytics, logistics management, global supply chain, systems and more. Earning the MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management from MIT also makes students eligible to pursue a full Master’s degree from a number of universities. Visit the MicroMasters SCM program page to learn more about these exciting opportunities.

Supply Chain Management Jobs

There is no question that the demand for supply chain management professionals is high and growing. The Fortune and Materials Handling Institute estimates SCM positions to grow at nearly 270,000 per year and a recent search for “supply management” on resulted in over 45,000 results. Companies worldwide need manufacturing and supply chain logistics expertise and the demand for logistics analysts, sourcing specialists, global supply analysts, purchasing managers and supply chain managers is expected to grow. Companies are also looking for individuals who can have good supplier relationships, understand risk management, have strong supply chain strategies, and deal with supply networks in the United States and around the world. Businesses want to have a competitive advantage, so having your supply chain activities and operations management skills at top notch is necessary. Look for positions at top companies around the world including Tesla, Amazon, Deloitte, Lockheed Martin, DHL and more.

Explore a Career in Supply Chain Management

If you’re looking for an exciting and lucrative career ( estimates the average annual salary for supply chain managers at $85,585) in an in-demand and growing field, supply chain may be the right choice for you. Enroll in an online SCM course and get on a path to becoming a supply chain specialist.