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Sports Business Courses

Online sports business courses on edX. Learn about the sports business industry by taking online sports management classes.

learn sports business

learn sports business

What is sports business?

Athletes may get all the glory, but underneath the lights of game night and the cheers of broadcasters, there's an unseen force helping make it all happen. People who want to work in the sports industry but don't have the ability or interest to play can find all kinds of positions helping make each game possible.

A degree in business administration and an understanding of professional sports leagues like NBA, MBA, NFL offers the opportunity to make a living inside the sports world without being an athlete. Sports business positions include any number of roles, from event management to agents to sports marketing. Students can also work with non-professional leagues, helping scout and promote events for all sorts of athletes.

The business of sports is a big world. Sports teams require a team of people to ensure that games happen without a hitch, careers are managed, and events bring in an audience. Most sports-related business goes on behind the scenes, aside from a few notable exceptions (draft day, anyone?)

Learn about sports business

The edX platform offers online courses in a variety of topics, including sports business. Coursework is created and delivered by leading institutions worldwide and offers unique access to education that students cannot get anywhere else.

Most courses are free to explore for personal growth, but students may also receive official credit for a fee. edX offers single courses, certifications, micro-degrees, and even full degrees from accredited institutions. Students study with a global cohort of peers and learn with flexibility and convenience.

Sports Businesses Courses

AlaskaX offers a professional course series designed to introduce the fundamentals with its Sports Business Management collection. Students explore the ins and outs of the sports world while gaining key skills to work in the field.

Sports Business Foundations offers a look into what positions are available and which might suit the student's natural strengths. Sales in Sports Business provides a glimpse into revenue strategies and sports media/marketing techniques designed to maintain ticket sales and improve fan experience. Sports Analytics looks to the future of sports management through understanding data.

Build a Career in Sports Business

Students can explore so many topics of interest thanks to the edX platform. Whether it's a passing interest in what goes into making a major league baseball (MLB) game happen or the desire to work for sports organizations long-term, these courses provide a path.

These courses provide a convenience that a traditional school of business cannot provide, offering world-class education that covers everything necessary to break into the sports business world for the first time. Professional sports leagues like the NHL need good people, and edX can offer a college of business experience online to make it all possible.