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Sales Courses

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learn sales

learn sales

Why Learn About Sales?

Sales training provides a basis for business operations. When the sales team is on target, a business can build a thriving operation built on innovation and forward momentum. The sales process can be complicated, leaving sales professionals wondering how best to approach selling in the digital age. Sales training programs don't often address the new era of sales, but it can be helpful to build skills for sales strategies based on the newest data. Sales performance isn't always pure numbers. Sometimes, prospecting can take a long time, but when your sales team lands a new client, you know you've built a long-lasting relationship. Some of the best sales training solutions increase sales and strengthen the bond between the organization and its target clients or customers. has courses designed in partnership with some of the biggest thinkers in the field, designed to introduce you to both reliable and innovative sales techniques. You can also learn about sales management and how decision-makers both encourage and build the right kind of sales structure.

Sales Courses and Certifications

edX allows you to take courses from the comfort of your own home. You can participate in Queen's University's Enterprise Sales professional certification to help launch a career for you in sales. It provides the basis for successful sales strategies, offers real-world examples, and uses webinars designed by leading sales strategists. You can also learn about metrics with UC Berkeley's Marketing Analytics course. You'll learn how to apply established metrics to your decision making and use case studies to help identify what your customers are looking for. Once you have a handle on your customer, your sales cycle smooths. IIMB offers a course on Marketing Management designed to bring your sales skills to the next level through targeted marketing strategies. You'll learn how to leverage marketing analytics to build relationships with customers and provide more effective sales training for your team, including social selling and data-driven decisions.

Building a Career in Sales

A solid sales methodology can rocket a business into success, so edX provides effective sales training programs designed by trusted institutions in the field. Whether you're an independent entrepreneur making LinkedIn connections or a large organization developing sales opportunities in the age of big data, there's a course designed for you. Learning new skills is a vital part of building a career, and increasing selling power can be a great way to ensure a long, rewarding career. EdX offers the path so that you can begin your career.