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React Native Courses

Take free online courses in React Native. Learn the essentials of React Native to advance your skills in the lucrative field of mobile apps.

learn react native

learn react native

What is React Native?

React Native is an open source framework for building mobile apps. It was created by Facebook and is designed for cross-platform capability. It can be tough to choose between excellent user experience, a beautiful user interface, and fast processing, but React Native makes that decision an easy one with powerful native development. Jordan Walke found a way to generate UI elements from a javascript thread and applied it to iOS to build the first native application. One hackathon later, and the team was ready to release React Native to improve the user experience of mobile Facebook apps, and some of the first react native apps went live. The result? The building blocks for a seamless mobile experience built from web elements. It uses the same code for both iOS and Android applications. It differs from ReactJS in that it's a framework with a UI hierarchy for building code while ReactJS is an open source library. It eases product development and allows developers to deliver a great product in fewer iterations.

Learn React Native

Working with React Native allows you to add your own mobile apps alongside some of the biggest names in the business. Facebook, Instagram, and Airbnb all built the latest app versions using this framework, and others are quickly following suit. It's been around since 2015 and in that time has established itself as one of the most significant tools in the business. It's simple to master because there's no need to learn Swift or Android specific Java. The components are open source and have counterpart rights, so you can reuse bits of the code to launch both versions of your app. The native code integrates seamlessly.

React Native Courses and Certifications

If React Native is your next goal, offers a path to mastery through partnerships with leading institutions. Harvard offers a comprehensive introduction to React Native, including components, props, and style. You'll learn app development and applying React Native applications across both iOS apps and Android Apps. Harvard expands this knowledge in a professional certification series in Mobile App development where React Native is part of a suite of tools designed to help you understand and choose how and what to build. You'll receive a robust understanding of computer science and where mobile app development fits into that field.

Enhance Your Career Prospects with React Native

A mastery of React Native can propel your career as a mobile developer. If you have familiarity with Java, HTML5, and CSS, you can pick up React Native fairly quickly and begin delivering quality, cross-platform mobile applications. React Native is a great way to up your mobile development game and catch the attention of potential employers and developers.