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Product Management Courses

Learn about product management with online courses and lessons on edX!

learn product management

learn product management

What is Product Management?

A product manager is responsible for product development from start to finish. Whenever companies create new products for internal or for customer use, a product management roadmap helps keep everyone on the same page and preserve historical knowledge. A product strategy is a vital part of releasing and maintaining products and the company's unique vision for that product. A product roadmap helps define the moving parts and keep everything in the pipeline on track. A product manager is the point person for each phase of development and holds the product vision for each piece. The product management role was from brand management and has come to occupy a vital space within business operations.

Learn about Product Management

Product Management can be a rewarding career. A successful product launch can take weeks or months of work across several teams, and a product manager provides these development teams with scope and clarity. Your career could hep create more successful product launches and a product lifecycle that works fluidly and efficiently. You can get all the right tools to launch your career with courses available right from your living room.

Product Management Courses and Certifications offers product management boot camps, courses, and a master’s degree in partnership with leaders in the Product Management field where you will learn skills related to product marketing, go-to-market strategies, business analytics, engineering, and design. BU offers a series of courses designed to introduce you to different aspects of product management, including managing digital products and Lean and Agile product management. You'll learn about the product lifecycle and a product manager's core responsibilities. Delft offers a course on product design, based on their principles of design management. You'll learn how to center your project management around an efficient design system with a logical go-to-market system. You can also take courses on different aspects of a product lifecycle, including building customer relationships through customer interviews and user stories, how to predict market shares, and understanding the profit margins of innovation and further development with an existing product.

Ignite a Career in Product Management

A great product manager smooths the process of product development and helps keep everyone on track. Now that we've moved to continuous innovation through concepts like Agile, Scrum, or Lean, someone to keep the product lifecycle on track is a vital part of that innovation. Pursue a product management career and you could be in high demand within the tech field or other fields ripe for innovation. With your organization skills, you can provide product leadership through a product manager role, helping bring out the best in everyone. Your expertise could be the boost your company needs, and edX can provide the catalyst for you to get started. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, consider exploring an online product management master’s degree to help elevate your skills and demonstrate your management capabilities.