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Why Learn Portuguese

Portugal has a long history of art, economics, and other contributions to the world. Their influence in colocalization led to Brazil's development, while the Portuguese language has been used for commerce and politics. It's one of several romance languages responsible for development throughout history and, along with Spanish and English, created the new world that we know today.

Portuguese is the official language of a handful of countries around the world, including Brazil and Mozambique. As the official language of Portugal, native speakers can be found in Europe and beyond. It has the same roots as other romance languages, including Italian and Romanian.

Learning a new spoken language is an integral part of keeping your brain healthy and stimulated. Whether you're interested in Portuguese history or simply learning Portuguese for fun, language learning can be an enjoyable pastime. Plus, you never know when it will lead to new opportunities both in the United States and abroad.

Portuguese Courses and Certifications

edX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field of language learning. In addition to language courses, you can also take a variety of courses in other subjects as well as the language itself. Courses are available to students from around the world, whether you're a native speaker of Portuguese or not, and can be taken on the student's schedule.

For example, you may decide to participate in Harvard University's CitiesX course, an exploration of urban development in places like Rio de Janeiro. You can also explore a variety of courses on culture and history in which European Portuguese has played a large part.

Once you've mastered the language itself or if you're already proficient in the language, you can immerse yourself in one of's many courses delivered in Portuguese (Português). There's no better way to become accustomed to a language than immersion, and this way, you can learn something new at the same time.

Expand Your World With Portuguese

Portuguese speakers are located all around the world. Learning the language can open up a career path or simply allow you to build relationships with new people. Whether it's European Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, or the dialects of places like Angola, Macau, or Guinea-Bissau, learning Portuguese is well worth it.

The next time you're thinking of training your brain, consider learning a new language. It can provide a path to new careers, foreign travels, and new relationships with people around the world. edX is ready to help you realize your goals with quality online courses. It's up to you to begin your journey.