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learn pmp

learn pmp

What Is PMP?

Project Management Professionals (PMP) are trained members of an organization tasked with keeping a project on track. And it's more than that. Project managers are vital pieces of the organization they work for, keeping morale on track, cutting waste, and bringing a vision to life efficiently and clearly. The Project Management Institute, Inc is the foremost authority on PMP best practices and offers a PMP exam for official certification. The institute's Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK) is the guide for building appropriate skills. Their certification requirements include a certain number of experience years (three years for a four-year degree), and exam prep is required for the certification.

What Do Project Managers Do?

A project manager certified through the Project Management Institute doesn't just lead a project. Project managers are responsible for the risk assessment of ongoing projects. They manage innovation and are responsible for the pivot and iteration of the project pipeline. Project management experience is highly desirable with organizations that have ongoing projects with a lot of moving parts. Knowledge areas include things like integration and scope management, and each knowledge area belongs to a particular process group. The PMP exam prep provides everything you need to become a certified associate. PMP training is an essential part of building a career in PMP.

Learn Project Management

If you're building a career in project management, the first goal is to become professionally certified. Courses can help you prepare for your project management certification exam and make sure you fulfill the certification requirements. One of the most respected certifications is the PMI certification, or Project Management Institute. The PMP examination covers all aspects of project management, from building teams to handling obstacles. PMP credentials put you ahead of standard project managers in the field because you've mastered the process can keep projects on track without losing time or valuable resources.

Project Management Courses and Certification

To prepare for your PMP examination, you can take courses on Project Management best practices. Courses include an introduction to Agile from the Univerity of Maryland System. USM also offers targeted Agile instruction for various aspects of project management including Driving Speed, Leadership Principles, and Innovation. You can even master the basics of Scrum. For a deeper dive into project management, you can also take part in Rochester Institute of Technology's micro master's program in Project Management. The course series includes everything you need to know to manage a comprehensive project life cycle, including tools and techniques. Courses can prepare you for the PMP certification exam. Consider all the eligibility requirements and take part in exam preparation so that you're successful on the first try. You'll learn real-world management skills, build teams more efficiently, and understand the entire project management body of knowledge.

Ignite Your Career with Project Management Education

Project Management is a career with a lot of potential. Courses for professional development help build your tool kit for effective leadership while the certification exam tells your employer that you've mastered project management best practices. Build your skills and offer real value to your company.