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What is Penetration Testing?

Sometimes the best way to test out the security of a site or IT infrastructure is to try to break into it. Pen testing tries to mimic cyber attacks, hoping to find security vulnerabilities before hackers do. Penetration tests are a vital part of planning a security-first design for real-world applications.

Pen testers provide security assessments by mimicking activities hackers engage in. These pen tests, part of a suite of ethical hacking activities, allow companies to predict and fight against new types of malware and offer mitigations to new security threats. Every time technology evolves, new cybersecurity concerns appear. Penetration testers are now an essential part of the front lines, preventing disruption and securing sensitive data.

Why learn penetration testing

Penetration testing has many computer applications. Computer systems are more complex than ever, and with the addition of black box AI applications, security and remediation are critical to businesses and organizations.

EdX offers courses for aspiring pen testers in partnership with leading minds in the field of cybersecurity and information systems. Students learn alongside a global cohort of students and master current methodologies on their own flexible schedules. Courses are free, or students may opt in to receive official credit for a fee.

Penetration testing courses and certificates

New York University offers a micro-bachelor's degree, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, a series of nine courses introducing students to the latest cybersecurity methodology. Students learn a variety of methods to safeguard infrastructure, prevent attacks, and perform validation. Students learn pen testing tools and how penetration testing services can improve firewalls, network security, and operating systems.

Students can also take individual courses. New York University's options include a three-part series on different aspects of the penetration testing process. Students learn to scope a penetration test, analyze the results of vulnerability scans, create testing and exploitation scripts, discover SQL injection flaws, and document results. 

Building safer infrastructure

Vulnerability assessment ensures organizations stay on top of security weaknesses and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Security teams and ethical hackers can use a hacker's own methods to improve security tools and fix any security issues before something terrible happens.

Organizations need security experts to stay on top of new threats and find creative, real-time solutions to protecting infrastructure. EdX offers the types of courses students need to train and master critical skills for the future of business.