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Operations Courses

Take free online courses in operations and gain the skills you need to advance your career on edX today!

learn operations

learn operations

What is Operations?

Operations management involves the management of the production process from start to finish. Production can be a massive source of waste for businesses, so a point person to keep things on track is a vital part of a business remaining successful. If you can follow the supply chain and improve the process through the entire pipeline, you could be a critical part of a business's success. The operations manager can ensure that large scale operations follow strict plans and provide the analytics to back up significant decisions within the pipeline. Operations functions have a lot of moving parts, so you need a critical understanding of the entire supply chain to keep things under control.

Learn about Operations

Supply chain management requires a foundational understanding of all parts of the production process as well as newer management methods such as Agile or Lean. Whether you're in charge of small business inventory or the supply chain for a huge manufacturing company, the continuous improvement of the supply chain gives your organization a competitive advantage. Learn the skills you need with courses delivered right to your laptop. You don't even have to leave your office.

Operations Courses and Certifications

edX offers courses in a variety of operations areas that will allow you to build a new career or enhance the one you have. You can learn the fundamentals of operations management with IIMB or learn how to launch a business from the ground up with Babson's course on entrepreneurial business operations. You can also study effective operations management in development with Linux's introduction to DevOps or build business leadership skills with the University of Queensland. Other courses in risk management, decision making, or operations research can also develop the skills you need to succeed in Operations. edX is here to help you gain the tools to lead a team, business, or enterprise to success. Manage production well, and you ensure a competitive advantage for your business for years to come.

Ignite Your Career in Operations

Whether it's inventory and quality control in a traditional supply chain or delivering products within an Agile pipeline in DevOps, EdX can help you build the tools and expertise you need to succeed. Effective operations management allows you to lead your business and develop strategies to succeed in the future. You can gain new skills to pivot with technology or build ones you need to break into the field. Production touches every part of our economy, so your expertise can help everyone prosper. Learn what you need to know with the help of edX and partners.