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Operating Systems Courses

Take online courses to learn about operating systems today!

What are operating systems?

An operating system manages computer hardware and software. It controls a computer or device's operation and directs processing. For example, the operating system on a computer may assign where files reside in the computer's memory. An operating system is like the director of a symphony. Without it, the processes, files, software, apps, and user commands may be a jumbled mess.

There are several well-known operating-system, including macOS, Microsoft Windows, and the Linux operating system. Developers learn these systems and use them to build apps and software. 

Learn about operating systems 

The edX platform offers courses designed by leaders in the world of computer science. These unique courses offer students the opportunity to learn with the best in the field along with like-minded peers from around the globe.

Many courses are available for free for personal growth and exploration, but edX also offers accredited tracks for students who need official credit to pass on to employers or other educational institutions. edX also offers certificate tracks and degrees. More are added regularly, leaving students with plenty of subjects to explore.

Operating systems courses and certificates

NYUx offers Computer Hardware and Operating Systems, a course introducing fundamental principles of popular operating systems and system software. It provides foundational knowledge for how memory, threads, and data works within the system. 

C-Programming with Linux is a professional certificate series that introduces everything students need to know about the Linux computer operating system. Learners can take a deep dive into the components of an operating system and learn to run programs, debug and manage file systems, and build user interfaces using the C programming language.

Participants can also receive training in different niches within operating system basics. Courses such as Cybersecurity Roles and Operating System Security (IBM) or Data Management, Data Security, and Robot Operating System as a Common Tool for IoT (ITMOx) offer extra training and clarification for students adding to their skills.

Hopeful mobile developers can learn about mobile operating systems through courses such as Computer Science and Mobile Apps from MITx. The course introduces the basics of mobile devices and building with common operating systems like Apple IOS or Google Android. 

Mastering operating systems with edX

From Apple to Microsoft, Smartphones to CPUs in personal computers, these courses provide the training budding developers need to build innovative computer programs. This is a growing area of need as companies need experts to build and maintain products and software for the newest generation of operating systems.

edX and its partners provide the training software developers need to work with different types of operating systems, from Windows XP to the latest versions of Apple macOS. Once students understand the basics, they can build, manage, and repair all sorts of hardware devices. With edX, students can build thriving careers in this in-demand field and never stop learning.