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Network Security Courses

Take free online network security courses to build your skills and advance your career using edX!

learn network security

learn network security

What is Network Security?

With everything online, unauthorized access to sensitive data is a serious concern. When even your printers are connected to storage systems and repositories, maintaining strict security policies with access controls helps ensure that hackers won't find a way in the front or side door of your network. Information security is one of the biggest fears with an increasingly connected world, and different types of network security could be the keys to protecting your most sensitive information. With the right strategies in place, you'll have little to worry about.

What's New in Network Security?

Using Machine Learning and AI to build better security strategies could be the key to preventing some of the worst attacks. Security tools that use tactics like penetration testing or smarter antimalware can identify malware that would remain undetected by traditional security programs. Machine learning can provide security solutions through sophisticated intrusion detection, such as behavior hackers could train a conventional system to trust. Network security uses multiple layers to account for all the ways your network is vulnerable. It will require more advanced, next-generation firewalls, plus a host of other elements including email security, behavioral analytics, and security controls for access points. Cyber-attacks can come from all different angles, so your security measures must evolve.

Network Security Courses and Certifications

edX hosts a variety of courses in different aspects of network security. For a comprehensive overview of network security concepts, Rochester Institute of Technology's Introduction to Network Security provides you with a knowledge base to build your organization's security systems from the ground up. You'll understand security threats, and how things like intrusion detection and network auditing help keep your network safe. You'll also understand how to build a contingency plan in case you are attacked. Other courses include Curtin's course on Security in IoT, Linux's Introduction to Open Source Networking Technologies, and KTH Royal Institute of Technology's Digital Transformation Strategy. These aspects of developing your network security ensure you won't be caught unaware.

Network Security Careers

Building your skills in network security can help get you hired as businesses adopt increasingly sophisticated technology. Cyber criminals are banking on organizations remaining unprepared, so your knowledge could be in high demand as technology advances. Security will require not only an understanding of intrusion prevention but also how machine learning is making our wireless networks safer. Companies can't avoid computer networks, so help build the kinds of network access control they'll need to remain secure and provide clients peace of mind. Malicious software and cyber criminals will only get more sophisticated. Ensure your organization is ready with a unified threat management system and a solid understanding of the latest security trends.