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Music Business Courses

Learn about the music business with online courses from top schools and institutions on edX!

The History of Music Business

For nearly as long as there have been musicians, the music business has existed to organize and profit from music. The music industry has undergone an evolution of its own, along with changes in music and technology.

While record labels may not have the same mode of operation, the music business is alive and well. Record companies, music publishing, artist management, and songwriters -- all parts are critical in bringing the music we all know and love.

When you study music, it's essential to study the infrastructure that helps bring it to your music player. With technology and platforms like social media and streaming, it's more important than ever to understand the massive scale of an industry dedicated to music.

Learn about Music Business

Whether you're looking to break into the music industry yourself, you're a creative who wants to understand how your career might look, or just interested in how it all works, can help you get on your way. 

Our platform offers courses and certificates designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. You'll be able to participate in courses on a global scale with the attention and quality you'd get from in-person classes. It's time to expand your horizons.

Music Business Courses and Certificates

Renowned music university Berklee offers a course introducing you to the concepts of the music business ("Introduction to the Music Business"). You'll learn what goes into artist manager careers, songwriting, live performances, and other parts of the business side of music.

You can also participate in Berklee's Creativity and Entrepreneurship course, allowing you to blend your passion for creativity with the business practices that will make you successful. You'll learn that there's more to creativity than business practices, and the coursework will provide you with a path to your most significant creative endeavors yet.

Mastering The Music Business

The music business model may not seem like other businesses, but there's a wide range of career development for hopeful industry professionals. These courses will provide you with the basics of understanding entertainment specific avenues like intellectual property and copyright law while ensuring you have a good foundation should you pursue a music business program. 

Your music career doesn't have to reside in writing songs, but you can work with music companies to put out wildly successful music. Major labels need people to handle a variety of real-world tasks in the recording industry. 

Start your career here, and you could find yourself working for Warner Music Group, Sony Music, upstarts like Spotify, or going your own path. It's time to ignite your career in the world of music publishing or live music, or just understand where your favorite records originate.