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Learn essential marketing analytics strategies with professional online courses from top schools and universities.

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What Is Marketing Analytics?

Marketing Analytics help businesses understand performance and return on investment through careful analysis of marketing performance. It includes measuring that performance, managing it based on specific benchmarks, and building future campaigns and marketing initiatives based on that information. Unmeasured marketing wastes a lot of dollars. Using data analytics for marketing decisions helps businesses understand marketing trends and customer behavior. Businesses can change course to get a higher return on investment for marketing efforts.

What Does A Marketing Analyst Do?

Marketing activities used to be a shot in the dark. Even if you could have access to all the data you needed, it was difficult to turn that data into effective advice. Marketing analysts look at a business's marketing channels and web analytics to find customer insights that can translate to targeted business decisions. These datasets are vast now that businesses have access to tools like Google Analytics, social media reporting, and other sources of data. Marketing efforts must consider customer behavior to form an educated marketing strategy. If businesses don't know how to interpret this big data, they could lose a lot of revenue to marketing programs that just don't work.

Learning Marketing Analytics

You can learn effective marketing strategies from some of the country's top schools. Introductions, certifications, and MicroMasters programs give you the tools to understand how marketing efforts affect your business's return on investment and use things like analytics tools based on machine learning to understand deep behaviors of a target audience. This clarity gives businesses the chance to see better results from marketing efforts and to understand why some campaigns fail.

Marketing Analytics Courses and Certifications

With courses from top universities, you can learn how to identify market trends, use marketing metrics to identify digital trends, and build your product development around solid market research. Courses also include everything from understanding sales performance to the programming languages that make this type of machine learning possible. The Harvard Business Review estimated that nearly 80% of senior marketing executives were dissatisfied with their ability to measure ROI, so making better decisions is only possible through better marketing techniques. We can measure customer preferences now through big data and turn that data into genuine, actionable insights.

Explore A Career As A Marketing Analyst

Email campaigns, lead nurturing, digital marketing - it's all part of the new wave of data analysis. Successful marketing requires knowledge of analytics in near real-time to make sure your customer experience grows and nurtures the bond customers have with your business. Marketing managers and their teams can transform their business's bottom line by applying deep knowledge gained through modern analytics tools and put machine learning to work.