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Marketing Courses

Take free online marketing courses and tutorials from top universities and institutions like Columbia, Berkeley, and UBC. Learn digital marketing, social media marketing, marketing analytics and more and enroll in advanced programs designed to get you on a path to a new career in a marketing field.

learn marketing

learn marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the management process through which goods and services transition from the manufacturer or provider to a finished product that reaches the consumer. Marketing is everything you do to place your product or service in the hands of potential customers.

Marketing is not just about promoting a product, it involves researching content and the target audience, advising management on how to develop products to suit consumers’ desires, determining the price of a product or service, selecting effective channels through which to communicate with customers, and developing and implementing promotional strategies to help improve and promote the brand image, product or service. A common terminology within the field of marketing is the Marketing Mix, or the 4P’s of Marketing: Product, Price, Promotion, and Place.

Online Courses in Marketing and Marketing Certifications

Someone who wants to work in marketing needs to have certain skills. They need to be good at public speaking, communication, analytical thinking, creativity, negotiating, stress management and possess good technology skills. In order to develop these skills, there are a number of online courses you can take. UC BerkeleyX is offering an XSeries Program for Marketing Analysis and BU is offering a MicroMasters in Digital Product Management. If you do not wish to complete an entire program, there are also a number of individual courses that are being offered which can help improve your analytical skills, boost your creative thinking and deepen your knowledge of the subject and industry.

Jobs in Marketing

Marketing majors have a variety of jobs that they can go towards, they can either lean towards a more research oriented job, or one which requires public, personal interactions with clients and customers. According to, there are approximately 60,000 open, full-time jobs for marketing positions. Here are some of those positions in details with an estimated annual salary: 1. Marketing manager - Median annual salary (2014): $127,130 2. Marketing specialist - Median annual salary (2014): $61,290 3. Sales manager - Median annual salary (2014): $110,660 4. Business intelligence analyst - Median annual salary (2014): $83,410 5. Operations manager - Median annual salary (2014): $97,270

For those who enjoy research, Inbound marketing is the way to go. It is about researching customers’ wants, habits and needs and the best ways to meet those needs; what product designs and packaging best appeals to certain consumer groups; researching competitors and setting appropriate pricing.

In contrary, Outbound marketing is about building a good relationship with partners and clients, customer service, promotions, public and media relations, sales and advertising. So if you’re an extrovert who loves to build public relations, this might be the best fit for you.

Direct marketing involves reaching the individual target consumers as opposed to using a mass medium. Telemarketing, email and other forms of online marketing, such as targeted social networking are all good examples of direct marketing.

Social media marketing is used to drive traffic to a company’s website while boosting overall brand awareness and building customer loyalty. Social media gives brands and businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers in a personalized way on a wide scale, therefore, these interactions can play a huge role in the way a business is perceived.

As mentioned above, there are various fields under the umbrella of marketing, therefore, being a marketing major means that there is a wide variety of jobs on the table for you.

Explore a Career in Marketing

The demand for marketing majors is on the rise, especially for digital and multi-media marketing professionals. UPenn’s Digital Marketing Professional Certificate Program can be a great way to get a head start on your digital marketing training and make your resume stand out. Use this course as the stepping stone of your Digital Marketing career. Ready to get started? Select, enroll and start learning today to earn your marketing certification!