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Machine Learning Courses

Learn machine learning with real college courses and tutorials from Harvard, MIT, and more of the world's leading universities

learn machine learning

learn machine learning

What is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence and computer science that covers topics such supervised learning and unsupervised learning and includes the development of software and algorithms that can make predictions based on data. The software can make decisions and follow a path that is not specifically programmed. Machine learning is used within the field of data analytics to make predictions based on trends and insights in the data.

Machine Learning can play a pivotal role in a range of applications such as Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Natural Language Processing, etc. A prime example of the application of machine learning is the autonomous vehicle. Sensors around the vehicle deliver thousands of data points which are analyzed and processed to move the vehicle toward its destination. Collective data from thousands of self-driving cars can be used to improve vehicle safety and prevent accidents.

Online Courses in Machine Learning

Microsoft, Columbia, Caltech and other major universities and institutions offer introductory courses and tutorials in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Gain a stronger understanding of the major machine learning projects with helpful examples. Learn how to build complex data models, explore data classification and regression, clustering methods, popular machine learning algorithms, sequential models, matrix factorization and explore other key parts of this exciting field. Earning a machine learning certification can help advance your career.

Jobs in Machine Learning

Funding for research and development in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence is growing at a rapid pace. This translates into strong demand for experts that can produce better insights from datasets. At the time of this writing, listed over 1300 full-time, open positions for machine learning specialists, people who can write, implement, test and improve machine learning models. Top job titles include Machine Learning Engineer, Data Mining Engineer, AI Engineer and Machine Learning Infrastructure Developer and salary estimates range as high as $130K per year. Building your data analysis and programming expertise can significantly improve your CV and help you enter the exciting world of machine learning. Get started with an introductory course today.

Explore a Career in Machine Learning

The field of machine learning is booming and having the right skills and experience can help you get a path to a lucrative career. Take an online machine learning course and explore other AI, data science, predictive analytics and programming courses to get started on a path to this exciting career.