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jQuery Courses

learn jquery

learn jquery

What is JQuery?

JQuery is a lightweight javascript library designed to do more with less. What you'd need many lines of code for in Javascript takes just a simple operation with the JQuery framework. JQuery simplifies other things from Javascript as well, including AJAX calls and dom manipulation. It also handles CSS manipulation, HTML event handling, and utilities, plus animations and effects. JQuery is one of the most popular plugins for Javascript, used by Google, Microsoft, and IBM. It's an opensource option for cutting down on some of the more complex operations within Javascript. It allows you to create dynamic web pages and web applications through a modular approach.

Learn JQuery

Learning JQuery allows you to build and execute web applications and pages with far less time-intensive work. The JQuery Foundations handles maintenance with a "write less, do more" mission focus, enabling more efficient web development. If you plan to work in web development, an understanding of JQuery is a big part of that process. The largest companies use JQuery, but startups do as well. It's a foundational skill that translates widely across a variety of development jobs.

JQuery Courses and Certifications offers a variety of courses and certifications designed to provide the foundational skills you need to implement web development with JQuery. In partnership with trusted, leading institutions in the field, you can learn JQuery along with related skills. Microsoft offers a beginning course in JQuery. You'll learn how to make server-side calls with Javascript, enhance the user interface of a website, and how to integrate HTML. It includes functions like mouseover actions, slideup, and chaining. Microsoft also offers a full professional certification in programming with Javascript. You'll develop confidence in basic Javascript/JQuery elements with an event handler, dom element, and callbacks. You'll have everything you need for browser support and integrate with other elements like JSON.

Build a Career with JQuery

You'll need many skills as a web developer, and a proper JQuery UI is one that will get you noticed. Whether you're building independent projects on your Github account, or actively searching for jobs, an understanding of the JQuery framework can help. is a plentiful source of information, but for more formal training,'s collection of courses and certifications puts you in touch with leaders in the field. Whether bootstrap or FAANG, JQuery offers a simplification of javascript code that can get your developments up and running.