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Journalism Courses

Learn about investigative journalism and the impact of journalism on social change from top universities. Take free online classes to improve your writing and communication skills.

learn journalism

learn journalism

What is Journalism?

Journalism is the activity and product of gathering, assessing, creating and presenting news and information. Print and broadcast journalism were traditionally the way that we consumed news, but technology is revolutionizing the way that information is presented, leading to a variety of new online journalism outlets. Non-traditional methods, such as gonzo and citizen journalism, have also revolutionized the field over the years. In the United States, the press is considered by many to be the unofficial fourth arm of government, responsible for disseminating unbiased information to the public. Successful journalists have outstanding critical thinking, writing, research, and communications skills.

Online Journalism Courses and Programs

Considering pursuing a journalism degree? If you’ve ever wondered how to become a journalist, most entry-level jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, with a preference for concentrations in journalism or mass communication. Real-world experience and internships are also incredibly important for building your skillset, and many students will intern at a local newspaper or news/radio station. Introductory and advanced journalism courses are available online to give you a feel for a career in journalism or to advance your existing career. On edX, you can take courses from some of the best colleges for journalism. Learn about Journalism for Social Change from UC Berkeley, Investigative Journalism from Columbia, or how to distinguish between credible news sources from the University of Michigan.

Jobs in Journalism

Journalism jobs include reporters, correspondents, news writers, columnists and newscasters. And it’s not just news--journalists can work in sports, travel, and fashion journalism, among other subfields. However, as the majority of media outlets switch to primarily online distribution, it’s crucial to stand out in this highly competitive market with strong writing and critical thinking skills, and relevant experience. Other related careers you can pursue as a journalism major include copy editing, public relations, marketing, film and video editing, and camera operating.

Explore a Career with a Journalism Degree

Boost your journalism qualifications with online courses from edX. Learn more about careers in the field, and learn valuable skills, from top schools including UC Berkeley, Columbia, Davidson and University of Michigan. Many of these courses are available for free, so enroll today.