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IT Support Courses

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What is IT Support?

Businesses often offer IT Services to help customers who have trouble with some aspect of their product or service. Tech support is a type a help desk where customers can go to troubleshoot, find answers, and receive guidance. Information technology has come such a long way, and although we've integrated technology into our everyday lives, we don't always have the know-how to fix issues that come up. Your IT help desk gives you the direction you need to fix your problems and get back to your life or business.

Learn about IT Support Services

Building a career in IT support is rewarding and puts you in a prime position for a variety of jobs. Not only are businesses offering customers IT support, but the companies themselves need technical support for products and services they use. You could work in business to customer or business to business fields and provide expert guidance for everyone who needs it. Many businesses have moved to managed services for their business strategy, so chances are you'll find lots of jobs where you'll work closely with a company ensuring their success implementing new tech. It's a great way to ensure job security and a build a rewarding career.

IT Support Courses and Certifications

Microsoft offers an entire professional education series in IT infrastructure and IT management. The series is a range of courses that cover various topics in IT Support, including remote support, operating systems, disaster recovery. You'll also walk away with an understanding of IT issues in multiple infrastructures, including the cloud. You'll be working with professionals in the field, each of whom has years of experience dealing with IT consulting. You can also take part in a variety of courses not explicitly related to IT support, but that can give you an understanding of the systems you'll be working with. You can learn about cloud infrastructure, deep learning and machine learning, various programming languages, and computer architecture from leading institutions like MIT, Harvard, Microsoft, or Linux.

Ignite Your Career In IT Support

The IT support specialist is a critical part of any organization. People need a point person for any issues that crop up with their products and services, so your expertise at the IT service desk can make sure their experiences are as smooth as possible. Whether it's cybersecurity, tech support, or some other aspect of IT, your expertise is a vital part of everyone's experience. edX can help you get started on the road to IT solutions and offers enough courses in specifically IT support as well as other tech areas that you shouldn't have trouble finding your niche. Now, all you need is a cause you love and the will to help everyone have a better experience.