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IoT (Internet of Things) Courses

Take free Internet of Things courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn IoT from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

If you've ever wished that your fridge could send you a shopping list or your lights could turn on and off with your phone, you've wished for IoT connectivity. The concept of the internet of things takes the connectivity of the internet beyond your computer to everyday items.

Current use cases include everything from smart home features (that list generating fridge, for example) to business features such as automatic service orders for IoT monitored products. IoT applications are headed for just about every area of our lives as we become more connected.

What Can the Internet of Things Do?

The real question is what can't it do. IoT healthcare solutions, IoT security sector, IoT within big data, it's all part of the collective ecosystem created by the internet. Connecting physical objects to cyberspace helps reduce the headache of maintaining those objects and gives us control over menial aspects of our lives.

Why Learn the Internet of Things?

Businesses are responding to changing customer needs by providing automated support through Iot. It allows businesses to provide real-world solutions and maintenance while scaling back on the resources needed to provide those services. Connected things give the power company faster response times through smart meters, for example, or business the ability to pivot with machine-to-machine sharing. It gives elevator companies the option of predictive maintenance, making machines both safer and more convenient.

The physical world is on the edge of transformation as wi-fi expands and more physical objects are networked. It's time you learned how to build, maintain, and analyze these connections. With the cost of technology falling, organizations like McKinsey predicting the rise of machine learning analytics, and wi-fi penetration reaching new highs, it's an IoT perfect storm.

Internet of Things Courses and Certifications

If you're just starting, Curtin University's Introduction to the Internet of Things is a comprehensive overview of the meaning and function behind IoT. It teaches you to leverage that knowledge for business value. Microsoft also offers a course on Getting Started with the Internet of Things.

For deeper dives, you can explore courses from Curtin University in IoT Sensors and Devices as well as Networks and Protocols. For data scientists out there, Curtin also offers courses in big data for IoT. You can even learn how to program IoT devices through a Device Programming course offered by Microsoft.

The range for the Internet of Things is vast considering how well IoT dovetails with many data management, machine learning, smart devices, and cloud computing applications. Big data analytics allows businesses to apply IoT to a range of use cases and courses from edX reflect that range. Over 40 programming, business use, innovation, and data science courses all address IoT within their use cases.

Explore Careers with IoT

Understanding IoT data is a big step in programming and product management. Businesses can lean up resources by turning data over to machine learning, offering customers solutions through connected things without expending more resources. Your intimate understanding of this new type of share data gives you a leg up in a growing sector.