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iOS App Courses

Learn iOS app development and more on edX today!

learn ios app

learn ios app

Why Learn about iOS Apps

Apple's iOS system is one of the most popular app development systems of all time, with billions of dollars passing through the app store each year. As the iPhone continues to rule the smart device market, and the iPad reaches the same popularity, developing iOS apps is a lucrative business. Apple's Swift language is a large part of app development, but that isn't everything that goes into it. App developers must decide if they're going to adapt apps to other devices and operating systems and build a sustainable system of maintenance. The app market is only growing, and as iOS devices get more sophisticated, developers have incredible potential to build faster, more complex apps. Once you learn the system, you can begin developing your own apps or potentially find a career developing iOS apps for companies that need them. edX offers courses and programs designed with leaders in the field of development. Students can take courses from the best and brightest and learn from around the world on their schedules. Sessions are free, but students also have the option of investing in affordable, official certification for career or job use.

iOS App Courses and Certifications

Curtin offers a professional certificate program for students who want to develop critical skills in Swift, build free apps, and develop paid apps for the network. The course series includes instruction for the language itself as well as building and working in one of the hottest app fields, Augmented Reality. You'll be prepared to build apps and take them to a new level. The entire course series is designed to jumpstart both your creativity and your career. You'll learn the whole product life cycle from start to finish and understand how to integrate web content, social media, and Augmented Reality into your new iPhone app.

Explore a Career in iOS App Development

Building mobile apps that are user friendly and take advantage of the popularity of iOS devices is an excellent way to get started with a career in development. EdX offers courses that can introduce you to the language of Swift and help you build new apps for Apple devices. Whether you're already building apps for Android devices and Google Play or you're a complete beginner, edX has a course that can help you build an excellent app for the next best iPhone. Smartphones are an integral part of our lives, so use your creativity and innovation to find new app uses. You may find that your idea is one of the best apps of the year or that your skills are needed for an organization. Regardless, building an iPhone app, expanding to Apple Watch, and integrating design into other mobile devices could be exactly what your career needs. Get started today and find out what's new for development and your own innovation.