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What is Investment Banking?

Investment banking is a type of financial service. Investment banks engage in advisory services for individuals or organizations. Unlike retail or commercial banks, it doesn't take deposits. Instead, they're associated with corporate finance and might act as a client's agent when issuing securities. Investment banking is divided into the buy-side and sell-side, either trading securities for cash or providing investment advice to institutions on the buy-side. They may also help with mergers and acquisitions, raising financial capital, and provide FICC services. Investment bankers provide advice, investment service, and become involved in the operations of investments, whether private or corporate. These advisory services are kept separate from the activities of retail and commercial banking through regulations set in place long ago.

Learn Investment Banking

The financial industry is a thriving field with plenty of space for rewarding careers. Learning about wealth management, risk management, and raising capital can help place you on the path to a long, lucrative career in investment banking. offers courses and certifications in partnership with institutions leading the way in the field of finance. You can complete them on your own time, and many are credit eligible for professional education or prerequisites for working as an investment banker.

Investment Banking Courses

The New York Institute of Finance offers a course, Essential Career Skills for Investment Banking, designed to improve your financial fluency. You'll learn about different sectors across the field, including the three main tiers of investment banking, bulge bracket, middle market, and boutique market. Unlocking Investment and Finance in EMDEs is another course offered by the World Bank Group designed to introduce you to the concepts of emerging markets and developing economies. You'll understand the market-making strategies of professional financial advisors and how financial institutions follow trends and innovations to unlock this source of wealth. The New York Institute of Finance also offers a professional certification in Capital Markets, providing background information vital for institutional investors and advisory services. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of different aspects of capital markets, including things like initial public offerings, bonds and equities, and credit derivatives.

Build a Career in Investment Banking

Whether it's large institutions like Morgan Stanley or Bank of America's investment wing or independent advisory services, a career in investment banking can be rewarding and lucrative. Understand how aspects of wealth management can help consumers and organizations build capital, handle mergers and acquisitions, and handle long term wealth like pensions or mutual funds. The United States has heavy regulations on investment management, so courses that can teach you the basics of those regulations are essential. can connect you leaders in the field to improve your due diligence and asset management skills for a long and rewarding career.