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International Business Courses

Study international business online with courses from top schools like Thunderbird, IIMB, TU Delft and more. Enroll in advanced international business programs that cover global marketing strategy, communication, and management.

learn international business

learn international business

What is International Business?

International business refers to cross-border commerce and other business transactions between governments or companies. Among other things, engaging in international business requires an understanding of the legal requirements and business and trade regulations of the country in which you are doing business. Operators must understand the global competitive landscape and the local political climate. They need to be able to assess global market opportunities and develop effective strategies that address cultural differences.

Online International Business Courses and Programs

To be successful in the global marketplace, managers need to have expertise across multiple disciplines. Knowledge of international trade practices, government policies, foreign markets and the risks and opportunities posed by global trade are just a few of the things to learn. Explore the 4-course MicroMasters program in International Business Management to gain the fundamental management skills needed to work in the international arena. This in-depth program will teach you how to assess global economies to predict financial crises. Learn how to maximize opportunities and minimize risks when investing in emerging economies and know important political, legal, economic, competitive, technological and cultural factors to address when developing a global marketing strategy. Additional courses from some of the best business schools are available in the areas of international law, international marketing, international project management and international hospitality management. The International Law MicroMasters program will greatly enhance your knowledge of the law of the international community including human rights laws, humanitarian laws and international investment laws, all very important topics for engaging in international business practices and valuable additions to an online business degree or MBA.

Jobs in International Business

International business development jobs take many forms. Multinational companies need experts that can cross cultural boundaries and navigate the unique political, legal and economic factors present in each country or region. People with international business degrees find themselves working as product managers, trade specialists, financial analysts, marketing managers, import/export directors, business developers and much more. As an international business major, you could find yourself working overseas for a branch of a company based in your home country, for a government agency, an international bank or an international nonprofit.

Explore a Career in International Business

Enroll in one of the introductory international business courses or pursue a MicroMasters program to see if a career in this exciting field is right for you. Many courses are self-paced so you can enroll and start learning today.