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Information Security Courses

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learn information security

learn information security

What is Information Security?

You might be surprised at how much of our information is floating around online. With the world more connected than ever, data security is a significant concern for businesses and organizations. We have to verify ourselves online for a variety of reasons, but keeping our information safe is a critical component of today's world. Information Security, or Infosec, involves using information technology to secure data sources and provide risk management if something happens. Security professionals keep up with the latest techniques in hacking and close loopholes, hopefully, before they become a problem. We can't avoid having our information online, but we can build new security measures into our changing technology. In some cases, it takes teams of people, but we're also on the cusp of allowing intelligent machines to handle security for us.

Learn About Information Security

Cybersecurity is a fast-moving industry. Keeping up to date on the latest techniques requires continuing education in Infosec best practices. The more tools you have in your belt, the better able you are to prevent cyber attacks in the first place or build in logical incident response measures if something goes wrong. Networking makes many of our most common office devices security risks, and our mobile devices can sometimes bring that risk home with us. Learn how to manage these risks, and you're well on your way to an in-demand career in Information Security.

Information Security Courses and Certifications offers quite a few courses and boot camps in cybersecurity through trusted and knowledgable institutions. The University of Washington offers a course in cybersecurity and the role a CISO will and should play in any given organization. Other choices include Cloud Security, presented by the University of Maryland as part of their micro-master's program in Cloud Computing. Rochester Institute of Technology also offers a micro-master's program in cybersecurity, designed to give you a full understanding of best practices and security management. You'll understand the fundamentals of network security, data protection, and security controls. It also provides an overview of security protocols for if there's a security breach, handling possible identity theft, and up to date security standards.

Explore a Career in Information Security

Security systems must evolve with each new technology we create. These security solutions allow us to enjoy the fruits of our innovation with minimal obstacles and risks, so to help make the online world a safer place, a thorough grounding in security technologies can help us make better use of our data. Organizations need help building security programs that can protect customers and provide their best services. Help them protect their sensitive information and build a rewarding career for yourself at the same time.