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Informatics Courses

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learn informatics

learn informatics

What is Informatics?

Informatics is a branch of information science that uses data to improve health outcomes. This type of information technology relies on a wealth of data to help doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers make logical decisions about the process of providing healthcare both for individuals and the public at large. Using information science for public health helps us make sense of varied data, both structured and unstructured, and apply recognized patterns for better health outcomes. These information systems are increasingly smarter because of machine learning and AI applications. Health informatics is the new horizon of medical care with populations living longer and receiving better healthcare access.

Learn Informatics

One of the most dramatic revolutions within AI is in healthcare. As we increase our data, the use of information through data mining could improve our health and wellbeing in areas where we traditionally held fragmented outcomes. This application of information is a growing career in data science and computer science, so build your knowledge and expertise to be ready for the decision making process.

Informatics Courses and Certifications

edX offers a range of courses in Health IT in partnership with knowledgable organizations around the world. Take advantage of their expertise to ignite your career as an informatics professional. Georgia Tech's professional certification course in Health Informatics on FHIR offers you a comprehensive overview of the United States healthcare system works and how informatics could solve some of the most significant pain points in healthcare delivery, both in the US and around the world. Other choices include Doane's Health Informatics Technology in Population Healthcare Analytics, an overview of how medical informatics is applied to population health. It's part of the Certified Lifestyle Medicine MicroMasters program which leads directly to Doane's official MBA. Hong Kong Polytechnic offers a course in Geo-Informatics, and MIT's Global Health Informatics rounds out research informatics applied to the world at large. Rice University offers an overview of what we can expect with the medicine of the future with Medicine in the Digital Age. If big data is your passion, you can embark on a full masters degree in Data Science with UC San Diego.

Ignite Your Career in Informatics

Healthcare in the digital age relies on the steady application and decision support of big data. As populations live longer, information management is a critical component of individual healthcare decisions and public policy. Understanding how health information gleaned through data mining could reveal new health outcomes, and breakthroughs puts you on the leading edge of healthcare in the digital age. Be prepared with and explore your career options.