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Hyperledger Courses

Learn Hyperledger with Online Courses and Lessons on edX today!

learn hyperledger

learn hyperledger

What is Hyperledger?

Hyperledger is an open source project pursuing the development of blockchain-based distributed ledgers. It's a massive collaboration with lots of big-name backing, including IBM and Intel, and was started by the Linux Foundation. Brian Behlendorf is the current executive director. Linux began the project in 2015 in an effort for more collaboration to get the industry working together to build the projects that blockchain needs to succeed. It's more than just cryptocurrency now. With blockchain changing the way we interact online, Hyperledger could provide the framework for every aspect of our online interactions. Hyperledger includes different components such as Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth that allow the architecture to flourish. As organizations work on these opensource projects, we could see leaps in blockchain use cases.

Learn Hyperledger

Learning Hyperledger principles allows you to help work on this project. It's a global collaboration that moves across industries, so your knowledge and expertise could have a considerable impact. As fields make a move to the blockchain, this project becomes more prescient. We'll need the blockchain frameworks in place to be successful, and your steady work on building a new architecture could help make those changes happen. The Linux Foundation, along with partners and leaders in the field, are striving to democratize and standardize blockchain in preparation for that massive shift.

Hyperledger Classes and Certifications offers courses designed in partnership with leaders in the field, including the original creator, the Linux Foundation. The Linux Foundation provides a professional certification course, Blockchain for Business, which offers blockchain fundamentals and an introduction to hyperledger. An entire course is dedicated to and its opensource projects, including hyperledger Iroha, hyperledger indy, and hyperledger composer. You'll work through the ledger framework and learn how to contribute. Berkeley also offers a professional series, Blockchain Fundamentals. You'll go back to the basics to learn about cryptocurrencies and their operating systems, including things like bitcoin and ethereum. From there, you'll move on to projects within the blockchain network, including Hyperledger.

Expand Your Career Options with Hyperledger

Digital assets are moving towards the security of the blockchain. The Linus Foundation is striving to standardize the process with its massive, open source project, and your expertise could help contribute to this framework. Distributed ledger technology is going to be one of the biggest transformations of working online. Business transactions, the internet of things, and our resources could be safer and more secure using blockchain solutions. edX can provide the vehicle to learn everything you need to start working on the hyperledger project.