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Human Resources Courses

Learn about the importance of human resources in the workplace with online courses and lessons!

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What is human resources?

Human resources are the people of a company or organization -- the talent and the expertise along with labor. The human resources department handles employee benefits, employee relations, and all parts of human resource management. 

The HR department helps keep a workplace free of distractions and works through complex pieces of the hiring process, employee benefits, and handles any complaints from or about the employee. 

Human resources management is responsible for onboarding new hires as well, ensuring that all new employees adopt company culture and begin fitting in with as few obstacles as possible.

Learn about human resources

​Whether it's labor relations, compliance, or just getting a new hire settled in, the HR department is directly responsible for a smooth, welcoming culture at any company. EdX has a variety of courses on human resource management and related fields, designed to help you build your knowledge and expertise in human resources.

The courses are designed and taught by leaders in the field of HR, and you can take them on your schedule. You'll interact with students from around the world and receive official certification in some cases. It's time to get started.

Human resources courses and certifications

edX offers some courses in human resources related subjects. For example, you can take a course from Hong Kong Polytechnic University covering human resources, specifically in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. You'll learn how the human resources department handles different aspects of their departmental responsibilities and what it takes to manage human capital in this field-specific model.

This course is part of a Hospitality and Tourism micro-masters program. You can take part in courses for free or enroll in the official degree program for a comprehensive look at different aspects of the industry, including HR management, job training, the latest news, and strategic planning for a sustainable industry. 

Human resources management

Understanding human capital is a vital part of creating a sustainable business with long term success. The HR director is more than just creating job descriptions. They offer employees the chance to transition into a new work environment, move into full-time positions, and make strategic decisions that benefit both the company and its workers.

With your expertise in HRM, you can develop a work environment that benefits everyone. HR professionals are a vital part of company culture, and offers a path to understanding the human resource managers' role, human capital, and talent within the workplace. This could be your chance to make a difference.