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Hospitality Management Courses

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What is Hospitality Management?

The hospitality industry is booming now more than ever, but to attract customers and travelers in a sea of noise, organizations in the hospitality industry are turning to experts. Hospitality management encompasses a range of fields, including event planning, food service, hotel management, and service management, among others. There are many moving parts to hospitality, and businesses need someone who understands market trends, business applications, and risk management to provide comprehensive decision making that brings customers back and grows the business. Hospitality uses business principles with some marking and psychology to help create experiences that people will love and return to year after year. Because nothing in the field is a necessity, hospitality managers must stay on top of trends and gain industry experience to build a career effectively.

Learn About Hospitality Management

Hospitality professionals use a multitude of tools and knowledge types to build a scalable and sustainable plan for their organization. Learning these tools and processes helps you get ready to work in the field whether it's for your local bed and breakfast or in operations management for an international hospitality conglomerate. has courses and certifications designed by the biggest names in the field to help you get started and one your way.

Hospitality Management Courses and Certifications

Whether you're new to the field or seeking professional development, there are courses for you. You can start at the beginning with USM's introductory course, designed to teach you the basics about hospitality operations, essential business management, and event management. You can expand from there to learn about International Hospitality management from Hong Kong Polytechnic. Other resources could be Luxury Management from Hong Kong Polytechnic, courses on managing Marketing, and a course on tech in the hospitality and tourism management field through the same university. These courses provide a broad understanding of the hospitality business and tourism industry with real-world examples. You can also take classes surrounding food and beverage management, human resources management, and a host of other side disciples for a well-rounded knowledge base.

Explore a Career in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management programs that don't require you to leave your living room are a valuable tool for getting started. EdX's programs offer you the chance to build your knowledge of the industry through courses that introduce you to the wide range of disciplines in the field. Whether you're looking to start a career in culinary arts, be a hotel manager, or explore career opportunities in business administration, edX has you covered. Get started with your hospitality career and build a rewarding future.