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Hacking Courses

Learn about ethical hacking with free online courses from top schools and institutions on edX today!

learn hacking

learn hacking

What is Hacking?

Hacking is a huge concern in cybersecurity. It takes advantage of vulnerabilities in computer systems to provide sensitive information to the wrong people or organizations or to disable the operations of a group. These security vulnerabilities are big business, and as a result, cybersecurity is a significant need going into the tech age. Computer networks have vulnerabilities, so to ensure that sensitive information isn't accessed, organizations use security measures including programs, trained individuals, and, increasingly, AI-driven methods to close any loopholes. Cybercrime is rising, but that doesn't mean organizations aren't responding.

Learn to Hack Online

Hacking is a serious issue, but luckily there are lots of things organizations can do. They can help protect operating systems by staying ahead of loopholes in a variety of ways. Ethical hackers try to break into systems to expose potential vulnerabilities. AI can analyze the movements of people within the system and quickly identify outliers. You can build a career helping individuals and organizations stay safe. Edx offers ethical hacking courses to help develop those required skills. Learn ethical hacking from Tel Aviv University's Unlocking Information Security: Part I, where you will learn Information Security basic terminology, vulnerabilities, exploits, and an in-depth look at a real case-study. You will also gain an overview of the most critical vulnerability of all times - buffer overflow, including common variants like Variable and Stack Overflow and simple yet effective mitigation techniques like canaries and DEP and much more topics related to ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Learn about Hacking Online

Learning about things like computer security can help you prepare for an age of tech with identity theft and cyberattacks increasingly common. offers courses and certifications designed in partnership with leading institutions, designed to help make a path for you.

Hacking Courses and Certifications

You can start with cybersecurity basics with a course from the University of Washington, Introduction to Cybersecurity. It offers an overview of common types of attacks, including denial of service and trojan viruses, plus how to combat them. It also goes over the latest news in security systems. If you're ready to go all-in, RITx offers a micro-masters in cybersecurity. You'll learn the fundamentals of detecting threats, investigative tools, risk management, and network security. You'll also gain an overview of common hacking tools cybercriminals and black hat hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities. In addition, you can take courses designed to keep you safe while working on your smartphone or accessing bank accounts and how to build things like strong passwords, use antivirus tools, and understand everyday activities like phishing. edX also offers boot camps in cybersecurity.

Fight Hacking with a Career in Cybersecurity

Understanding what goes into hacking could put you on your way to a long and rewarding career fighting back. Whether you become a white hat hacker or you work for an organization building new solutions, your understanding and expertise are needed. Ensure that everyone can stay safe with the direction of cybersecurity and hacking courses from EdX and build a career protecting the vulnerable. There will always be those trying to exploit the system, but you can be on the front lines of new security solutions.