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The History of German Language

German has shaped quite a few of our modern language constructions. Germany has a long history of world influence, and german words have found their way into other languages such as English. This germanic influence is significant. Today, Germany is a world power, currently led by Angela Merkel, and influences the world stage through leadership in the European Union. Germany and the United States are friendly politically and economically, opening business leaders up to opportunities in the country through a shared language.

Why Learn German

Over 100 million people speak German worldwide as native speakers, and it's the second most widely spoken Germanic language after English. Learning German opens you up to business in places like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as other areas of the world that count German as an official language. Even some unexpected places, such as Italy and Poland, have sectors of German Dialects, and German immigrants have profoundly influenced the United States. German language courses provide you not only with the mental stimulation of learning a new language but the chance to build business and personal relationships with German speakers. offers courses designed in partnership with leading institutions that students anywhere in the world can participate in.

German Courses and Certifications

You can take a variety of courses to learn about German culture and history, including a course on German Opera from Dartmouth. You'll discover the beauty of German Opera and understand the composers and influencers of the craft. One of the best things language learners can do is to immerse themselves fully in the language itself. EdX offers courses delivered entirely in standard German so that students can develop fluency and understanding with real-world usage. You can take a German course in a variety of subjects, including business-related concepts.

Expand Your World With German

Whether you're planning a trip to Liechtenstein or you aren't sure of the difference between German beer and IPA, edX can help sort things out. These courses are available to you wherever you are and provide guidance for everything from simple German grammar to all the wonderful culture and history the country has to offer. Learning a new language can open the world you to from business opportunities to personal relationships. It has benefits for your brain and can connect you to paths you may not have had without your second language. Allow edX to be part of your journey, and you won't regret it.