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Databases Courses

Take free online databases courses and learn how to program in SQL. Learn database development and other in-demand subjects with courses from top universities and institutions around the world on edX!

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What is a Database?

A database is simply stored information, organized in a useful manner. For example, a list of names and phone numbers could make up a database. The names are stored in a manner that associates each name with its respective number so that you can easily look up one by knowing the other.

The contents of a database system are structured into tables with rows and columns that allow for the easy retrieval of information. In the commonly used relational database application, data from multiple tables is associated with a common key such as an account number or name so that various pieces of data can be stored in different tables with minimal duplication.

The computer application used to create the database tables and structure, and to store and retrieve the data is called a database management system (DBMS) and common examples include MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Structured Query Language (SQL) is a programming language used to query a relational database to, among other functions, input, extract and update records in a DBMS.

Online Courses in Database Development

The fields of Data Science, Analytics, Java, Oracle Databases,Web Application Development, Software Development, Big Data and more all depend on databases for the management of information. It is essential to learn how to create a database and to understand how they work.

Start with an introductory course in database design to learn key concepts of data independence, database architecture and the role of the DBMS in the application stack. Learn about relational databases, structured query languages and get hands-on experience creating a sample database.

Microsoft offers numerous self-paced databases courses for a deeper understanding of database architecture and development including how to set up a cloud-based datacenter with Azure. The courses are free and will help you build valuable skills in Microsoft SQL Server development and database administration.

Jobs in Database Administration

The demand for data management, database concepts, and python expertise is strong with almost 4,000 open jobs listed on at the time of this writing. Top positions include Database Analyst, Database Architect, SQL Database Developer and Database Administrator and salary estimates range from $60k to well over $100K per year.

Explore a Career as a Database Administrator

Working as a data scientist in a database-related field offers job security, a competitive salary and numerous job options. Explore the world of database development with free online courses and see if this is the right career for you.