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Data Warehouse Courses

Take free online data warehouse courses and learn how to store and manage critical files. Learn how to maintain and run data warehouses effectively from top universities and institutions around the world on edX!

learn data warehouse

learn data warehouse

What Is A Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a core component of business intelligence. It's a system for housing and reporting on data from a multitude of sources and allows businesses to implement systems for big data, data integration, and data quality. As big data becomes more available for business intelligence, organizations must house that data in a way that's logical and more importantly searchable. Most data warehouses are built as transactional databases, making data mining more straightforward and building the foundations for machine learning. For unstructured data, a data lake may be a more appropriate system. Where data warehouses function in databases, data lakes allow for the organization of unlabeled data for future business use. Regardless of the method you use, your data must have a searchable repository.

Learn About Data Warehouses

Data management is a significant component of businesses of the future. Data warehouses and lakes help make sense of data. A data warehouse is more than a database management system. It's a full plan of transactional systems that allows data scientists to process data for key insights. Managing this type of system requires an understanding of the potential business value of data and how to organize so that further insights are easier. The historical data is particularly relevant for processing, and real-time data could help make predictions easier. Without a sound system in place, your organization could be missing out.

Data Warehouse Courses and Certifications

edX offers courses in data warehousing that introduce you to the concept and best practices for securing your business data. Microsoft offers three courses in data warehousing, including one with cloud integration and one with Azure. You can also learn about enterprise data management with Indiana University. Microsoft also offers an introduction to data lakes in Azure, allowing users to harness the power of big, unstructured data. Each of these courses offers use cases and operational systems that demonstrate how to leverage different amounts of data, cloud data, and build a system for easier data analysis.

Explode Your Career With Data Warehouse Expertise

The amount of data businesses require to stay competitive and gain critical insights is getting bigger. Business users must be able to catalog their data and house it in a way that facilitates easy searching, logical queries, and better data analysis. Decision making depends on those data insights, so businesses of the future need to know how to store large amounts of raw data to check and check again. With data sources growing larger and machine learning getting better, your contribution to your organization's data plan is a vital part of its success. Prepare for that future with courses from edX and build a data warehouse that provides real business value.