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Data Structures Courses

Take free online data structures courses and learn how to apply them in computer science and programming on edX.

learn data structures

learn data structures

What are data structures?

In computer science, data structures organize and store data devices so users can complete tasks efficiently and optimize operations. Data structures have a diverse scope of use and are a fundamental principle for those studying computer science and software engineering. 

There are several common data structures:

  • Arrays: Fixed-size structures designed to hold the same data types

  • Linked lists: Items linked to each other in a sequence

  • Stacks: A last in first out type (LIFO), often associated with programming languages

  • Queues: A first in first out (FIFO) type

  • Hash tables: Stored values with associated keys

  • Trees: Linked hierarchical structure

  • Heaps: A particular type of binary tree functioning as a sorting algorithm

  • Graphs: A set of vertices or nodes and edges connecting them

Dynamic programming uses different data structures to fulfill a task and reduce processing load in an increasingly complex programming world.

Learn about data structures

Data structures provide the building blocks of programming systems. edX offers courses designed in partnership with leaders and innovators in the field of technology. Students can explore many courses for free or opt into official credit for a fee to receive accredited training, certification, or even a degree.

Data Structures Courses, Certifications, and Degrees

PennX offers an introductory course, Data Structures and Software Design. Students will study efficient means of storing and retrieving data within Java programs and explore object-oriented principles.

Another introductory course available is Georgia Tech's (GTx) Data Structures and Algorithms I. Learners explore array lists, linked lists, and queues, implement visualization, and linked data structures with recursion. 

NYUx offers an online micro bachelor's degree, Programming and Data Structures, designed to explain programming lifestyle and utilize data elements to build and optimize basic operations. A micro master's degree from UC San Diego offers further training within these data structures. 

Students may also explore data structures from a specific programming language viewpoint, including Python Data Structures from MichiganX. Students explore data sorting, building lists, and using tuple structures within Python.

Explore the world of data structures

Programmers can leverage data structures to optimize real-world applications and find the shortest path to a software solution. edX offers relevant computer science courses and tutorials that prepare future developers to understand data structures.

Software engineering requires problem solving and ingenuity. edX offers courses that introduce the basic concepts so that future developers will have foundational knowledge. Whether it's linear data structures or tree data structures, a singly linked list or a hash function, developers can handle abstract data types and structured data for optimized operations. edX is preparing students for the skills of the future.