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Data Science Courses

Learn data science with online courses from top universities. Take an online data science course with edX today!

learn data science

learn data science

What is data science?

Data science is a multidisciplinary field that extracts valuable information from big data. From data cleansing and wrangling to the interpretation of patterns, it turns raw numbers into an understanding of how the world works.

A data scientist creates programs and statistical models that help to organize and analyze information, using methods such as data visualization, deep learning, and machine learning to generate useful insights.

Data scientists need a strong working knowledge of computer programming, data mining, artificial intelligence (AI), and predictive analytics. They create the applications and machine learning algorithms that transform raw data, assist with business decision making, and power scientific discovery.

Why learn data science?

Data is everywhere. It affects almost everything in our world, from the ads you see online to the price of goods you buy. With a data science education, you’ll understand how information powers the modern world behind the scenes.

If you’re looking to start a new career in a growing field, a data science education is a great first step. You can become a data scientist, or you can pursue a career in a related industry or academic field, such as:

  • Computer science

  • Business analytics

  • Management and technical consulting

  • Computer systems design

  • Software programming

  • Laboratory research

  • Astronomy

  • Physics

Data science drives the world of scientific research.  Data modeling is the first step toward countless innovations, including many that have yet to be conceived.

In business, data analytics drive decision-making. Organizations navigate uncharted territory every day, and they rely on current, accurate data analysis to chart their course. Whether that means improving the customer experience or innovating new products, data scientists support innovation at every level.

Data science is all about using the right tools and data structures to store and analyze large data sets to make accurate predictions. This might mean using linear algebra to manipulate information or relational databases to store large quantities of information. Explore this fascinating field to grow as a professional or academic, or to simply satiate your curiosity. 

Learn about data science

Through edX, you can study data science and data analytics from the comfort of your own home, without sacrificing the quality of your learning. This includes courses as well as data analytics boot camps and degrees in data and computer science.

edX partners with top institutions to bring you a quality data science education. 

You can gain Python programming skills and learn to work with its many associated data packages. These include matplotlib for data visualization, numpy for numerical analysis, and pandas for data analysis. 

Our courses will also introduce you to a variety of new skills and concepts such as:

  • R programming

  • Statistical analysis

  • Regression analysis

  • Data structures

  • Neural networks

  • Structured query language (SQL)

  • Tensorflow and other machine learning platforms

  • Basic data analysis with Excel

  • Data visualization with Tableau or Power BI

When you're ready to get your master’s, earn a professional certificate, or just explore the possibilities in this growing field, edX has you covered. 

Online data science courses

edX has course and program opportunities for any kind of student. If your goal is to become career-ready, we offer online data science master’s degree programs from leading institutions, any of which can launch you as an applied data science professional.

Looking for something a little bit less intensive? We also offer MicroBachelors and MicroMasters programs and two Professional Certificate programs ideally suited for people already working in tech.

We also have options for people with minimal or no tech experience. Whether you’re looking for a stand-alone course to dip your toes in programming languages or exploratory data analysis or trying to find a series to dig deep into natural language processing, edX will support you all the way through.

With edX's online courses, you'll engage with tutorials and work hands-on with data science and machine learning concepts. You'll learn at your own pace, exploring real world problems and working on engaging data science projects. 

Whether you want to make the smartest decision for your business or understand the function of galaxies, data science helps you make sense of information.  

Build a career in data science

Data science is one of the most promising careers out there today. It ranked as #2 of Glassdoor’s 50 Best Jobs in America for 2021, with a median base salary of more than $113,000.

It’s also a rapidly growing field. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has named it one of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the country, with about 31% more jobs popping up over the coming decade.

Studying data science opens the door to various rewarding and lucrative roles, such as:

  • Data analyst

  • Data engineer

  • Machine learning scientist

  • Applications architect

  • Business intelligence developer

  • Academic researcher

  • …and more

Data-related jobs exist in almost any industry, and they’re only going to become more prominent. Whatever the specialization you want to pursue, a data science course on edX can help you to achieve your goals.