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What is Data Management?

We're creating more data now than ever before in human history. It's valuable and offers potential insights into key areas of the customer experience, business operations, and even major research questions. We have to be able to access this data easily to get to those insights. If you don't have a data management system in place, you've got an enormous problem. Your data quality suffers when you have no type of data governance to wrangle big data into something usable. With more businesses and organizations prioritizing data integration, you need a management system that works.

Learn Data Management

Businesses need real-time answers for some of their biggest questions, and if you can build a master data management system that eases that process, you'll be in high demand. Data doesn't exist in a vacuum. It needs to align with and inform business processes to bring companies into the future. Without easy access to data, a company can't compete. Data management isn't just building data warehouses. It involves information management itself plus data analytics and data protection to keep things secure. You should be well versed in these skills to help your organization build a usable data management system that can break down silos.

Data Management Courses and Certifications

edX offers courses in aspects of data management in partnership with institutions on the cutting edge of data science. Indiana University offers a course in Enterprise Data Management where you'll learn the ins and outs of data security and analysis for large organizations. You can also take courses on fundamentals such as Microsoft's course on wrangling big data with Azure. For niche aspects of data management, you can learn all about data security with the Rochester Institute of Technology or learn the Foundations of Data Structures with IIT Bombay. Each of these courses, plus others hosted by, can help you build the skills you need to help an organization manage and deploy its data with ease.

Build a Career in Data Management

As concepts like machine learning and IoT get more popular and decision making relies more on insights from both structured and unstructured data, companies will be looking for data managers that understand data best practices and how to build the right infrastructure. It's so much more than management platforms. Data management will be the lifeblood of decision making for business, so make sure you understand the data lifecycle and how to leverage your organization's data for the best insights. Help them build their data strategy and put yourself in a position to use data to its best advantage.