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What is data engineering?

Data engineers create the perfect environment to facilitate the flow of data from collection to insight. They construct pipelines, infrastructure, and the mechanisms that allow data scientists to do their jobs without troubleshooting their tools. As big data becomes more important, companies are looking to hire more positions in data engineering to support insights.

Where data scientists create the algorithms that process data, data engineers ensure that the infrastructure is in place. This includes building and maintaining data warehouses or data lakes to store datasets, leveraging SQL to enable queries in relational databases, and understanding software engineering best practices to maintain the best environment. Data engineering skills ensure that data modeling and data processing happen smoothly.

Learn about data engineering with edX

The edX platform offers a unique education experience with courses designed by leaders in the world of data engineering. Students can take advantage of asynchronous scheduling and a fully online format. 

Many of the courses are available for free for casual students. edX also offers official credit tracks for a fee, allowing students to complete certifications and even full degrees. These credits pass on to employers or offer the foundation for future education.

Data engineering courses and certifications

For a complete foundation, students can begin with Data Engineering Fundamentals, a six-course series offered by IBM. It includes everything learners need to build the right data infrastructure for data analysis and goes over standard tools like Python programming language, MySQL, and Pandas.

A single course choice could be IBM's Data Engineering Basics for Everyone. It offers the basics to understand frameworks and how tools fit together to create a data science ecosystem, from data ingestion to data visualization.

Learners can also explore aspects of engineering using courses like Structured Database Environments with SQL from SNHUx or Apache Spark for Data Engineering and Machine Learning from IBM. Learners can use courses like this to establish efficient workflows, ingest and store raw data, and support machine learning models.

​Explore in-demand careers in data engineering

Building a career in data engineering starts with training from edX. Data engineers build the data pipelines necessary to automate data processing, ingest large amounts of data, and provide real-time business intelligence. Companies will look to these positions to ensure they have a handle on their data platforms.

Build the skills you need to break into this hot field or brush up on what you already know about things like data warehousing and ETLs, data storage, and ingesting multiple data sources. Master priority skills like Scala and Hadoop, learn platforms like AWS to manage APIs, and find your dream job thanks to edX and its partners.