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Learn essential data analytics and data analysis skills with professional online courses from top schools and universities. Learn data analytics and their best practices to get ahead of your competition today!

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What is Data Analytics?

Data science is an integral part of almost every part of your life and is important for all business decisions. Has your bank offered new products and services? Those were based on data analysis. Have you recently noticed a change in your grocery store's layout? The decision was probably spurred by data analysis. Business heading in a new direction? That's right. Data analysis. Data analytics is a branch of data science that handles raw raw data through a variety of tools such as python, sql, excel, tableau, hadoop, power bi, etc. A data analyst is a bit like a detective. Data flows into an organization through many different means and it's up to the data analyst to wrangle it and shape it into something ready to provide insight. Because data is such a large part of decision making across nearly all fields, data analytics is a vital skill.

Learn Data Analytics

Data analytics is often a step to full-fledged data scientist. You'll gain skills in statistics, algorithms, machine learning, and visualization. It requires a lot of skill and a little intuition about how and where to find the answers an organization needs. Bolstering your skills in analytics is a great way to get into this field and sets you up to explore insights and build experience in business intelligence. The data sets may not be clean, not yet, but once a data analyst gets hold of them, they can provide answers critical to a business or organization's next steps.

Data Analytics Beginner Course Overview

edX offers a plethora of data analytics and data analysis courses to get you started learning the subject. Georgia Tech's Data Analytics for Business prepares students to understand business analytics and become leaders in these areas in business organizations. You will learn foundational topics from industry experts to improve your data analysis skills such as data structures, dataframes, and much more. You will also learn how to develop business analytics ideas, analyze data using business analytics software, and generate business insights.

Data Analytics Certifications and Courses

Getting new data analytics training is simple through We partner with leading institutions, big names in the industry of data, to offer you training data analytics courses designed to prepare you for your career in data analytics and beyond. The University of Adelaide, for example, offers an introductory course in Big Data Analytics that flows neatly into a micro-masters degree. Columbia combines machine learning and analytics with a course on Machine Learning and Data Science. You can also find data analytics courses on Business Analytics (Wharton) and Applied Data Analytics (Microsoft.) IBM offers a course in Predictive Analytics, which is so important for today's business. Rochester Institute of Technology introduces data analytics and visualization for the healthcare sector. Berkeley can help get you on the road to data-driven marketing with analytics tools for marketing. Whatever field you're in, you can find a course designed around data management, data visualization, and decision making.

Ignite a Career in Data Analytics

Programming languages? Check. Computer science? Check. Data management? Now, check. Your career in data analysis is just around the corner. Learn everything you need to know about wrangling data, from data warehouses to relational databases to real-time, advanced analytics. Your expertise can help provide direction and insight for your organization and ensure that data quality never causes a decision misfire. Help make sense of the volumes of data humans produce and build a reliable career.