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Customer Relationship Management Courses

Learn customer relationship management skills (CRM) to win customers for your business. Take online CRM courses on edX today!

learn customer relationship management

learn customer relationship management

What is customer relationship management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the process companies use to manage interactions with customers. A quality CRM system prevents customers from falling through the cracks and ensures everyone from sales to customer service is on the same page.

It's more than just contact information. CRM data ensures quality customer experiences at each point of the pipeline. It informs marketing campaigns, the sales process, and the particulars of customer interactions. Customer data informs the CRM process, and finding the right CRM software helps streamline the entire process.

CRM tools offer functions such as customer lifetime value forecasting, customer support, and lead generation. Some tools offer customization so that organizations can anticipate customers' needs while reducing tedious data entry. They improve the marketing teams' efforts with new customers and nurture existing relationships.

Learn about customer relationship management

edX offers courses designed in partnerships with leaders in the field. Students study with a global cohort of students and can build expertise on their own schedule. Most courses are free for personal development, but students also have the choice of official credit, including certifications and degrees.

The edX platform offers training in almost any field students could need. From business processes to workflows to marketing automation, the platform provides a path for both personal and professional growth. Now, students can explore the benefits of CRM.

Customer relationship management courses

IIMBx offers a professional certification series, Customer Relationship Management for Marketers. Students will learn customer retention, follow-up, lead management, and customer lifetime value principles, as well as different types of CRM systems. The certification provides training for marketing efforts and allows students to explore different management tools.

Learners can also explore different aspects of customer management and innovation. RWTH offers Customer-Centric Innovation. Students will explore how the customer lifecycle affects the bottom line, learn to structure the innovation process, and how to manage innovation initiatives. 

Building better relationships with CRM solutions

Whether it's testing for new products or remembering sales opportunities, customer relationship management systems help sales teams nurture new customers and encourage customer loyalty. As companies receive more sales leads, the sales cycle can get away from sales reps. A CRM solution helps organize the process.

edX offers training for CRM platforms and contact management, and allows students to build experience creating relationships with potential customers. Customer satisfaction can make or break a small business or startup, and customer information and data builds reliable foundations for decision making. edX can help fill in gaps and provide training students need for their career goals.