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What is Computer Security?

Our computers are highly connected, so ensuring our information is secure is one of the most essential fields in computer science. Both computer and cybersecurity ensure that businesses can operate and that every aspect of using personal computers is safe. Without it, the activities we take for granted are off the table. Computer systems must be checked continually for loopholes and security threats. Hackers evolve their methods, and so cybersecurity provides us with protections. As a career, it's stable and growing. Whether its ransomware, cyber-attacks, trojans, or phishing scams, we need good people to help us stay safe. As long as we have computers and the internet, we'll need computer security.

Learn about Computer Security

Information security is big business. Without it, our personal information is floating around without our consent or supervision. We must ensure operating systems are secure and that hackers cannot reach our sensitive data. Data breaches can cost businesses billions of dollars and cause damage to consumers' lives. Help shut down cybercrime by learning everything there is to know about IT Security.

Computer Security Courses and Certifications

edX has a multitude of courses dealing with computer security from basic computer science to the newest issues in the cloud. You can learn from the best in the field through partnerships in creating these courses. Microsoft offers courses on security best practices throughout their program suite with security in Office 365, Windows 10, and Azure. RIT offers security solutions for things like IoT and the Cloud. These new ways of connecting require additional security considerations, so you can learn how to prevent unauthorized access to our devices and information. Other aspects of computer security include courses on different types of security software, dealing with threats in real-time, and handling network security for enterprises. You can even take a class from the human rights organization Amnesty International on Digital Security and Human Rights. Other options to pursue include edX cybersecurity boot camp offerings.

Build a Career in Computer Security

Security measures are always changing. Building better anti-virus software is only part of the picture. Companies need help in securing their information and ensuring that cyberattacks don't compromise sensitive information. Cybercriminals are everywhere, and cybersecurity threats are on every company's mind. Large or small, organizations need a logical, effective security system that deals with cyber threats quickly. You could build a steady career unraveling computer security and implementing protocols that keep businesses and their customers safe. Let edX help you get started on your career path and make the world a safer place.