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Take free computer networking courses to build your skills in machine learning on edX today!

learn computer networking

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What is Computer Networking?

In large companies, computers in the workplace need to be connected to a single unit to get work done. Whether it's a company or some other shared hub, computers need to be able to share resources to accomplish goals. Building these networks requires skill, so understanding computer networks is key for getting these connections built. Network addresses must be set and approved. Network connections need to be sure. Building these types of networks requires a lot of thought, but with the right knowledge, you can provide your geographic area and beyond with safe, reliable networked devices. Whether it's the local area network for your company or the wired network in your home, you'll need some knowledge to get it started. These computing devices need a shared operating system, some form of network security, and internet protocols to keep sensitive information safe. When you add in other office equipment such as connected printers and others, it can be quite an undertaking to get everything connected.

Learn about Computer Networking

Now that we have wireless networks, these connections are even more complicated. However, you can find the building blocks for building computer networks with courses designed to give you those fundamental skills. As businesses delve into the world of IoT, it could be even more important to build robust, yet safe systems. Network devices are vulnerable to attacks and broken connections, so your expertise is necessary.

Computer Networking Courses and Certifications

Whatever aspect you want to learn, has courses designed in partnership with leading institutions in the field. You can learn about IoT protocols and networks with Curtin, examine open-source networking with Linux, and understand the fundamentals of IT support with Microsoft. No matter what system you're building, whether it's 4G Networking or connecting personal computers, edX has you covered. You'll learn the basics of cabling and building physical layers as well as wireless layers. Some networks require the use of ethernet cables, but as we move into the cloud, more and more networks are wireless. EdX courses cover what you need.

Explore a Career in Computer Networking

Network management is a massive field as we demand our devices be more connected. Whether it's the private networks of our companies or public wifi, having a safe network is a big deal. Our smartphones and mobile devices are essential connections we have to the world around us, so network designs that build on that connection are critical. Allow edX to give you the instruction and knowledge you need right from your home. All the necessary tools for network design are there, so put your skills to use, making us safer, more connected, and more efficient.