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Online college preparation courses on edX. Prepare for college by taking online classes in math, physics, English, and other subjects.

learn college preparation

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What is college prep? 

A four-year high school designed to prepare students for undergraduate studies is a college preparatory school. These can be public schools, private schools, parochial institutions, and even charter schools. They provide college counseling, advise through the admissions process, help students prepare for enrollment, and all the other small details that go into college admissions. 

In some cases, these schools begin in elementary or middle school, funneling into the final levels. Students begin prep classes and learn to master necessary standardized tests with test prep. They often include athletics for students seeking scholarships and spend the school year ensuring students receive a well-rounded education as well as specific training for how to enter and succeed in college.

Explore College Prep with edX

Although edX is known for university courses — graduate and undergraduate — as well as professional training, it also offers courses that college prep students can leverage for better chances at entering their first-choice college. They're developed by accredited institutions and delivered in convenient online formats suitable for full-time students already. 

Learners can explore many of the courses for free or opt for official accredited for a fee. edX offers single courses but also certifications and micro-degrees for motivated students. And students looking to explore full online options, edX continues to add new undergraduate degrees.

College Prep Courses

edX offers courses in many subjects of value for college prep students. Courses such as College Algebra and Problem solving from ASU, Italian Language and Culture from Wellesley, or Introduction to Music Theory from Berklee all offer the opportunity for students to reinforce key skills and learn attractive new ones.

Students can also explore A-Level courses such as A-Level Mathematics from ImperialX. edX also offers courses on the college experience itself, such as The Road to Selective College Admissions from St. Margaret's Episcopal School. 

Making the grade in college with edX

All these courses provide students the opportunity for strong admissions packets and a likelihood to enroll in a student's first choice. High school students working through the curriculum may be eligible to receive early college credit or can simply get a head start in challenging subjects.

Future college students can use edX courses to augment their college prep programs and make the college application process go a little more smoothly. With a wealth of resources from edX at their fingertips, students can fill in the blanks and build the right background to get into college and thrive.