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Explore the fascinating and fast-moving field of chatbots. Take free online chatbot courses from IBM and learn to build your own chatbot.

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What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are computer programs with the designed purpose to have conversations with human users over the world wide web and internet. Many tech programs use conversational agents in their services to help streamline communication with their target audience. Where human agents would have limits on how many customers they can service, chatbots can handle many more customers at once. Chatbots are built from AI and machine learning algorithms to best showcase the correct content based on user's intent. Some chatbots use open source code to allow developers the ability to create third-party apps via chatbot applications.

Examples of Chatbots Today

Today's chatbots exist in everyday services that many of us take for granted. The conversational interface comes in many different types of digital formats. For example, Microsoft uses chatbots to interact with customers when you go to their online store. After a few moments, you will get a dialogue box that appears asking if you have any questions. If you begin interacting with the chatbot, you will receive artificial intelligence powered answers from a bot to help direct you in the correct place.

Another example with Microsoft is from their search engine, Bing. Microsoft Bing has begun testing chatbots directly in search results for specific queries. At this time in December 2018, you can interact with these bots if you search for restaurants out in Seattle which is where Microsoft HQ is located. These chatbots directly in Bing can help place orders, make reservations, ask about the menu and so much more without going to the website directly. One goal of Microsoft is to build this technology directly into more third-party applications like Cortana to help facilitate services directly through AI-powered algorithms.

Social media and customer support are also places chatbots are used. Services like Facebook messenger, Whatsapp, Windows 10, WeChat, Amazon Alexa, live chats, Siri, and other virtual assistants are all using chatbots to deliver natural language processing services to it's customers in real time. By creating a better and faster user experience from messenger platforms provides answers based on on a search query is the goal of chatbots. Some mobile apps that use chatbots can work even better when you share personal information about yourself like your calendar of events and phone contact list.

Take a chatbot tutorial and start learning chatbots in our online courses today!