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Take free online change management courses from top institutions and universities on edX today!

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What Is Change Management?

Change management is a systematic response to organizational change. It's an effective plan with leadership in place for managing change as it happens across an institution's goals, mission, processes, or tech use. The change process is bigger than just a single person. Instead, multiple moving parts must work together to ensure a smooth transition. Change management requires a style of project management designed to smooth the transition and increase buy-in from all stakeholders involved. Successful change happens with an organizational structure in place that can reduce chaos and waste and make sure every aspect happens effectively.

Learn Change Management

Change management strategies involve decision making on an organizational level. The concept dates back to the early 1900s, but it took off closer to the 21st century. Now, you can learn frameworks that include McKinsey and Kotter's frameworks to provide your organization with a change management model for consistent results. Typical drivers for these types of changes including tech adoption, process reviews, acquisitions, and organizational restructuring. Each scenario requires a delicate network of change programs designed to ease those transitions and make sure everyone is on board. Leading change should be someone well-versed in how these institutional shifts play out.

Change Management Courses And Certifications

edX offers courses in change management in partnership with leading institutions and organizations. One of the most comprehensive is a micro-masters degree with RWTH Aachen University in Managing Technology and Innovation. Participants will learn tools and strategies to identify issues, leverage innovation, and create a plan for successful change at the organizational level. Other courses include Organizational Culture and Change from Doane, a course designed to help you understand change initiatives and create a change management plan for your entire organization. Other courses help you with digital transformation including KTH Royal Institute of Technology professional certification in Digital Transformation and effective change.

Leverage Change Management for Your Career

Understanding the human side of change management in addition to the business environment can help organizations build an effective strategy for managing change and reducing the trauma to the business. Successful change management involves a wide range of strategies and understanding how organizational culture operates. The process of change can be difficult without a plan in place, but you can build your leadership skills to help organizations weather the chaos. A career in management could be within your reach if you're an effective change maker. Learn the principles of change management and help build a plan of action for making it through upheaval and coming out on the other sides stronger and more aligned with your organization's mission.