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Learn business model strategies to help jump start your next business adventure. Learn how to create a proper business model today!

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What is a Business Model?

So you've got a great idea for a product or service. Once you’ve got an idea, it should be easy to launch your business, and a lot of people jump into their first (or next) business without much thought for the process. Unfortunately, very few new businesses make it past the five-year mark because any new business owners launch without a plan for how to make money, build revenue streams, or ensure competitive advantage. To have the best chance of success, you need a working business model. A business model helps you understand how your new product will go to market and design a mission that considers not just business now, but business down the road. There are many aspects of a great business plan, so you need to understand its purpose and how to put one together.

Learn How To Create a Business Model

There are many different types of business models, so learning the characteristics of each type can help you build a plan that helps your product or service succeed. You'll also need an intimate understanding of the supply chain, profit margins, and go to market strategies for services or product offerings. The type of business model you choose should give you direction for decision-making and encourage your future success. It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you identify your target customer. In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, it also gives you a profit strategy.

Business Model Courses and Certifications

A successful business model gives your entire idea direction. edX offers courses on building that model in partnership with institutions that understand the world of business and have trained some of the business world's most prominent leaders. Delft offers a series of courses designed to take you from creating your business model to implementing it in the real world. If you take the entire course series, you're eligible for professional certification in business models. Columbia introduces the concept of integrating quality data into your business modeling, allowing that data to provide business model innovation and long term success driven by real-time analytics. You can also apply this data to your cost structure, franchising, or any other aspect of your new business. Other options give you an understanding of business modeling within different cultural contexts. Waseda will introduce Japanese business management, giving you the chance to explore the way other cultures build their own types of business models.

Ensure Success with the Right Business Model

An excellent business strategy builds your success and captures value for different aspects of your business. Whether you're analyzing raw materials or making decisions about the newest form of business AI, your company's business model directs your inquiries and ensures everything you do is for the good of your organization. A business model works only if you've chosen the right one and implement it fully. Without a plan of action, you might be one of the millions of business ideas that never make it past that five year mark. Instead of launching without a plan, let edX help introduce you to examples of business models and help you set your idea up to succeed.