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Take free online courses in business analytics from top schools. Choose business analytics courses from Columbia, Berkeley, BU, and more. Join today.

learn business analytics

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What Is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics uses big data and predictive analytics to help businesses make informed decisions about current policy and future goals. Businesses need deep data analytics for better decision making based on sound principle and not gut feeling.

What Does A Business Analyst Do?

Business decisions should be driven by thorough data analysis, but businesses don't always know how to gather the right kind of data or interpret the data they do have. Data sets by themselves aren't helpful, so a business analyst is responsible for gathering the data needed to make informed business decisions and interpret that data to solve business problems. Business analysts are data scientists at heart. They use analytics tools and statistical methods to uncover critical information about a business's past performance and use that information for predictive modeling. These models increase overall business intelligence.

Business Analytics Certification and Courses

Information technology is a valuable tool for business decisions. Babson College's professional certification gives you the tools you need to be a leader in your company's data analytics. It teaches you to process the high volume of data available through optimization techniques and foundational understanding. If you're a beginner, Babson's Business Analytics Fundamentals gives you an overview of how today's business can use analytics platforms for competitive advantage. You learn to analyze data quality, use data for decision making, and understand long term data management. By the end, you can use historical data to make decisions.

Learn Business Analytics

Business analytics requires understanding big data, machine learning, and data visualization. Your business wants usable information, not just tables of numbers. A data analyst knows how to perform business analysis to give the business a competitive advantage. Data mining isn't just about returning the basic data. It requires predictive modeling, data visualization methods, and statistical analysis to present information. Businesses need understandable analytics to make sense of big data, and a business analyst can optimize business processes and provide logical decision support systems.

Careers In Business Analytics

Big data is huge, but most businesses aren't using the data they collect. Improving a business's operations through consistent data interpretation is a vital part of any business growth in the 21st century. As long as we continue to produce billions of bytes of data, a business analyst's skills will be in high demand.