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Study autonomous robotics with online courses on edX today!

learn autonomous robotics

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What is autonomous robotics?

You may think of Roomba or cleaning robots like Rosie from cartoons when you think of autonomous robots, but these are more than just vacuum cleaners. State of the art robotics could open up vital use cases across industries.

Autonomous robots are the dream of businesses and manufacturing everywhere. If companies are able to utilize artificial intelligence to perform more complex tasks, they help reduce the need for humans in both mundane activities and dangerous ones.

Human intervention is still necessary for most robotics, but companies want less human control. And with advances in machine learning, those autonomous systems could be just on the horizon. With Ultrasound sensors, computer vision, and decision making, these robotic systems could be the next big thing in the supply chain.

Learn about autonomous robotics

If you want to contribute to the pursuit of robotics and control systems, provides a path to get started. Courses in a variety of subjects -- including autonomous robotics, standard robotics, artificial intelligence, or machine learning -- are designed in partnership with leaders and innovators in the field. 

You'll be able to take courses on your own time with students around the world. You'll examine real-world use cases and add your own innovations to the research. It's time to show the world what you can contribute to the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Autonomous robotics courses and certifications

ETHx offers a course on Autonomous Mobile Robotics. You'll learn motion planning, path planning, kinematics, and other robotics applications. You'll be able to apply the appropriate algorithms to developing complex robotics tasks and eventually pursue the research of your own.

TUMx provides a course on Autonomous Flying Robots. You'll learn use cases and research behind aerial robots and apply that knowledge to real-world solutions. Take robotics research to the next level with these targeted courses.

You can also take courses in other related areas such as basic robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. These courses will provide a foundation for your research and accomplishments in autonomous robotics. 

Advancing robotics for universal applications

While robots may still need human assistance, the pursuit of artificial intelligence could open up new avenues for robotic assistance in manufacturing, supply chain management, autonomous vehicles, and any number of other applications.

There are so many ways you can contribute to the research for mobile robots, and can provide the path for you to put your skills to use. Build your career, expand your interests, and build the next stage in artificial life.