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Learn analytics strategies with professional online courses from top schools and universities.

learn analytics


What Is Analytics?

Analytics is simply the study of data, but in a world making use of machine learning and marketing algorithms, it has the potential to be a critical part of your organization, regardless of field. Humans are producing more data than they ever have before, but it's only now that we're able to glean anything meaningful from that data. It used to take weeks to parse through big data (sometimes months or years), but machines are delivering almost real time results. Our job is to know what to ask and how to evaluate the results.

What Can Analytics Do For My Organization?

Businesses are using analytics tools to map customer journeys. Organizations build google ads campaigns to drum up momentum for an initiative. Digital marketing experts are using analytics solutions to drive business decisions. Enterprise solutions are within reach of everyone now and not just a lucky few. It goes beyond watching the numbers in google analytics. Businesses and organizations can parse large amounts of unstructured data to make not only decisions about what's happening now but decisions about the future using real-time data. Predictive analytics opens doors for better, faster decision making with fewer risks.

Learn Analytics

If you want to make a career in analytics, you need more than Google analytics tools. You need far-reaching data science skills that can extrapolate unstructured data and help interpret the results. You can use search engines to your advantage, evaluate KPIs critical to your organization, and build a marketing platform with a bigger ROI and less expense. Learning how to leverage customer insights into a complete picture of how certain marketing decisions affects the bottom line can help businesses and organizations find the right customers and puts you in the most-valuable-employee seat.

Analytics Courses and Certifications

Consider your target field and your expertise niche. If you need to get started with the basics, Business Analytics Fundamentals from Babson College can get you started with analytics foundations explicitly applied to business decisions. You can also get an introduction to Big Data from the University of Adelaide. Targeted courses help build your toolbox for a variety of positions within the data science field. Aside from data analytics boot camps, you can take courses specific to business, such as Demand and Supply analytics from Columbia, or specialize in the health industry with Doane University's Health Informatics Technology course. You can also learn how machine learning and deep learning are transforming analytics through courses that give you thorough introductions to data mining, IoT, and deep learning algorithms. There's even a full master's degree in analytics from highly ranked Georgia Tech.

Explore a Career in Analytics

Regardless of your field, analytics has broad-reaching applications. Analytics intelligence builds business automation, information architecture for organizations (including government) and has the potential to transform your industry. Move beyond Google analytics and learn the skills required for the fourth industrial revolution.