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What is Agribusiness?

Agribusiness is everything involved in the business side of sending an agricultural product to market. Farming produces the product itself, but Agricultural business keeps the entire operation sustainable and solvent for the future. Agricultural economics is its own field because the product depends so much on factors outside of our control. Agribusiness management is a vital part of agriculture, and without it, our food systems could be in danger.

Learn about Agribusiness

The field deals with multiple aspects of getting a product to market. Risk management helps farmers and businesses deal with the ever-changing nature of the environment while food processing helps create products that are fit for consumption. You also must handle the farm itself. Farm management cares not only for the crops or animals but the farm machinery involved in caring for and preparing the farm. The agricultural industry is large enough to have many moving parts, but even small family farms must have some forms of agribusiness in place to handle day to day operations.

Agribusiness Courses and Certifications

Both Doane and the University of Adelaide have partnered with to offer courses in different aspects of agribusiness. Adelaide's course is designed to introduce you to the fundamentals of agribusiness through basic management principles. You'll learn what sets agribusiness apart from other sectors, examples of agribusiness areas of concern, and other aspects of this unique form of management. Doane provides courses on sustainable agribusiness, including systems analysis. You'll learn how food systems have evolved into the complex worldwide systems they are today while explaining how this evolution has changed the way we think about our food security and our environment. Other courses are designed to teach you how to examine the environment that supports food systems and principles of marketing so vital to the survival of the business. Every aspect of bringing food products to market is touched on and provides an open career path.

Launch a Career in Agribusiness

If you've always wanted to take part in the world's food systems, agribusiness could be your path. Both enterprises and small family farms need your help and support; thorough knowledge of the industry helps both survive. The risks involved in maintaining a farm, especially independent farms, require a solid understanding of everything that goes into the process. Build your career with help from edX and be part of our future of food. The world is changing, and with a bigger population to feed, your advancements in the field could be part of the way forward. All you need is a spark.